The ad made by its employees

The last ad title ‘One Mission’ it’s made by its employees

To realize the last ad, the online booking portal has used video clips made by 14,000 of its employees while they traveled to make a beautiful ad about the ‘moments’ that are living in another country. is the last of the online portals that has been added to the realization of advertising campaigns. The company that started in 1996 as a small travel agency in Enschede (Amsterdam) is now one of the giants in the travel industry which manages more than 900,000 room bookings every day. He has now followed Airbnb’s steps with his ‘Don’t go there. Live there’ or Expedia with the emotional ad titled ‘Train‘.

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The inspirational ad from Expedia: Train

The Expedia ad is an inspiring story about those who believe in the need to travel and explore.

The latest ad from Expedia, the online travel agency is an inspiring story about those who believe in the need to explore the world and deepen understanding of the different cultures that inhabit our planet.

Titled ‘Train’, the Expedia ad begins with a conversation in the Transiberanium between a young woman asking an older man about the need to travel and explore. When giving his answer, a flashback tells the life of this young woman since she was a child curious to know what was beyond the fence that separated his house from the neighbor through his experiences traveling the world.

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Sonic restaurants designs milkshakes to be Instagrammed

Sonic’s fast food restaurant  created #SquareShakes the first product designed to be Instagrammed.

We live in an era where Millennials are changing the way we understand communication between brands and consumers. And is that when it comes to generating ideas and strategies to connect with them you have to take into account two factors.

One, the Millennials have established new status standards, they no longer buy material things but look for experiences that define them and can share in social networks with their followers.

Second, the platforms with the highest growth in the last 3 years have been Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, social networks where the pictures are the most important. Facebook and Twitter uses text for reflections.

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The definitive guide with all sizes of images in social networks

Images in social networks

A definitive and updated guide to know all the sizes of images in social networks.

When we talk about Social Media, as or more important than quality content is the image that accompanies it. They visually define what you want to convey and it is fundamental to get the attention of the users and they click to read the content that you have published.

The dizzying evolution in technology causes social networks to update their standards to suit new devices. This has repercussions on the size and distribution of the header, profile and timeline images of the different platforms. That is why today we share the wonderful infographic published on blast blog about what sizes of images in social networks are currently used.

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A famous Youtuber have a Car Crash in a awareness campaign

The car crash of a famous Youtuber wants to raise awareness about the use of mobile phones among young people while driving.

Youtubers are those people who started uploading videos about their favorite video-games and ended up making a living by adding all kinds of content to the popular video platform. In marketing, the ‘Youtuber’ phenomenon caught everyone by surprise  and now the brands begin to understand how to get them to make subscribers to the thousands of followers they have on different social networks.

That’s because the followers of the most famous Youtubers have multiplied exponentially and are counted by millions. Many of them make a living thanks to the advertising inserted in their channel and are already considered ‘influencers’ over reputed journalists and professionals from various sectors.

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Pay with creativity in the new BIC Store

The original BIC store in Belgium where you pay with creativity has been made to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the brand.

BIC, the French company based in Clichy turns 60. Founded in 1945 by Marcel Bich, the company became popular making disposable products at low cost, like pens, lighters and razors.

But if there is a product that has made the BIC brand world famous that has been your ballpoint BIC. The first product of the company is still today the best selling product of the French multinational and is the most used by students and professors due to its economic price and the durability of the ink.

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Cadillac Instagram Test Drive in Canada

Cadillac made an original Instagram Test Drive of its latest XT5 model on the streets of Montreal.

There are many brands that offer a Test Drive to test their vehicles. Mini performed an original marketing action with its original Mini Instadrive, an original configurator based on Instagram with interactive photographs.

Now the American automobile brand Cadillac has made an Instagram Test Drive in Canada to showcase its latest model to those who wish. To promote their latest XT5 model they walked the streets of Montreal with the address that marked the users in Instagram.

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The interactive billboard that activates when a smoker passes next by

The interactive billboard of Apotek Hjärtat in Stockholm is activated when a smoker passes next by.

Although government measures and public awareness to incite you to stop smoking are quite strong, there are still many smokers who have not given up the habit of lighting a cigarette when they are on the street.

To continue struggling against tobacco, pharmaceutical Apotec Hjärtat has made an interactive billboard in Stockholm called ‘The Coughing Billboard’ that is activated when a smoker passes by. The sensors it carries built-in allows the protagonist of the ad coughing every time he detects a pedestrian smoking in front of the billboard.

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The funny ad from Mercedes inspired by Stranger Things

The latest ad from Mercedes is inspired by the popular TV Show ‘Stranger Things’

There are times when you create an advertising campaign have the opportunity to benefit from a successful event and the brands usually miss that opportunity. Just remember the campaigns related to viral internet moments, special holidays like Halloween or, in this case a TV show.

The last ad of Mercedes is based on the popular TV Show ‘Stranger Things’, one of last year’s hits in the American broadcaster Netflix that combine good script and an aesthetics of the 80 impeccably performed. If you have not yet seen it we recommend you do it immediately before the second season begins.

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The beautiful Kodak TV Advertising: Understanding

The new Kodak TV Advertising titled ‘Understanding’ tells the story of a gay teenager and his father.

Kodak, the company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of photographic equipment, began gradually to start again after the finnancial problems in 2012. It is still active and undergoing a process of restructuring and renovation to find again its location in the new paradigm of the photograph business, where the smartphones take all the control.

This process of renewal goes through the re-launch of advertising and marketing campaigns appropriate to the new forms of communication today. And the latest Kodak spot is a good first step for consumers to know that the American company is still active.

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Advertising History Ads: Nike – Airport spot

The 1998 Nike – Airport spot announcement kicked off a new vision of sports marketing.

We are in the late nineties. The american multinational brand Nike had begun to export its idea of brand through announcements carried out by the great stars of the NBA with Michael Jordan at the head. In the USA they had been advertising campaigns related to basketball for ten years, and the brand was in danger of typecasting.

It was then when they decided to throw themselves to sponsor teams and stars of an exotic sport for them, of which they practically did not understand anything: El Soccer. For this he created the division Nike Football and studied carefully the particularities of the soccer culture in each country where the sport king raised passions.

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