Discover ‘Sandbox’, an experience with virtual reality from Audi

‘Sandbox’ is a marketing action with virtual reality from Audi that invites us to drive the new Audi Q5 in a sandbox.

Do you remember how fun it was to play in a sandbox when we were kids? With a few toy cars and lots of imagination we were able to spend hours in our mini world of dunes jumping, or performing chases.

Well, it is what the German multinational has thought to carry out its last tv commercial. Invite us to remember those evenings with our toy cars but now … driving them from inside. And we can do this in the action with virtual reality from Audi called ‘Enter Sandbox’. A real-time experience that combines a physical installation with a driving simulator that allows us to test the new Audi Q5 in a very original way.

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The first New York Times TV Commercial in 10 years: ‘The Truth is Hard’

The first New York Times TV Commercial in 10 years reminds us that truth is more important than ever, and we must tell it.

Moden periodism sucks. False news and rumors spread thanks to the proliferation of news sites, opinion blogs and the use of social networks.

We already have a Denzel Washington speech talking about how fast you are spreading news is more effective than know the truth. No one contrasted the information, whether it was true or not, the important thing was to launch it and get the maximum number of visits.

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What is Growth Hacking?

What is Growth Hacking

We explain what Growth Hacking is. The guide for understand all of the new marketing’s future profession.

Growth Hacking is the fresh news world in marketing. A new kind of professional is born. Companies demand it services and the people don’t know what are Growth Hacking. What is? Why is it trending? We analyze the new way for understand the marketing and its professionals: The growth hackers.

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Little Chorti, the App to keep parents from driving fast

Little Chorti is an App that monitors speed and prevents parents from driving fast.

Every year more than 1,500 people die driving in Tunisia, being the country of the world that more deaths suffer by accident. A number that worries the authorities, who have decided to do something about it and in a very original way.

Instead of parents care for their children, have invented a solution that does the opposite: An app called Little Chorti, the Guardian Angel app.

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Spotify Advertising Campaign from users playlist

Campaña de Publicidad de Spotify

The last Spotify advertising campaign is made from the playlists that have created their users.

We liked the last Spotify advertising campaign. After surprising us with “Music has no end” or that emotive “First Song” now launches an advertising campaign based on playlists with strange names that have created users of the popular audio streaming platform.

Who has not ever put a funny name to a playlist? One where to have a friki songs, to capture moments lived or doing a car trip in an attempt to put order to your musical tastes and those of your companions.

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Build a self-portrait with pieces of Lego in London Lego store

The Lego store in London has created the first machine that makes a self-portrait with pieces of Lego instantly so you can build it at home.

The Legomanía has no end. There are so many fronts on which they can innovate. We already talk about Social Media and Marketing strategy of the company founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen that allows it to find a place in a digital world and the advertising actions in the billboards to promote Lego Batman, the movie.

Today we talk about the funny machine in London Lego Store. A photomatonic machine where you can make a self-portrait with pieces of Lego instantly.

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Smarttress, the first mattress against infidelities

Durmet has created Smarttress, the first mattress against infidelities.

The mattress brand Durmet has created a smart mattress that will alert you if your partner is being unfaithful to you. They called it Smarttress.

The first mattress with a lover detection system, the Smarttress mattress is created with vibration sensors and contact zone detectors to prevent your partner from being unfaithful to you.

The system detects an abusive use of the mattress and will notify you via app with all luxury of details such as the duration of the meeting, pressure points and repetitions of these.

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A funny Enel TV Commercial to present its smarthome system: Droneweiler

The last Enel TV Commercial it’s a funny history about the use of new technologies to keep safe your house.

To present its new home automation system, the Italian energy company Enel has made a fun TV Commercial on the use of new technologies applied to the home.

The last Enel TV Commercial presents us e-Goodlife a smarthome kit composed of different intelligent devices to control the house remotely: Thermostats, smart cameras, motion sensors and applications to more efficiently manage the energy consumption of the home.

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The Powerful Nike TV Commercial: Equality has no boundaries

The latest Nike TV Commercial titled ‘Equality has no boundaries’ is a powerful ad that claims equality.

We like the tone that Nike advertising campaigns have taken using black and white images combined with gorgeous blueprints. Heir to the motivational Nike TV Commercial of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James, the American multinational delights us with ‘Equality has no boundaries’ a claiming proclamation on equality in society.

The Nike TV Commercial is a brilliant achievement, with beautiful levels of different sports fields combined with the emergence of Nike’s great stars such as LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Victor Cruz, Gabby Douglas, Megan Rapinoe and Dalilah Muhammad.

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The millimetric logos of Hiromi Maeo

Logotipos de Hiromi Maeo

A compilation of the millimeter work of the logos of Hiromi Maeo, a Japanese designer and Art Director.

We like to see how works are developed in different parts of the world. Seeing other cultures and ways of facing work to reach the final result teaches us many things. Although by our geographic situation we have always looked for great designers like Paul Rand, Walter Landor, Saul Bass and many more it is not bad to see how they design in the Asian zone.

In this case we move to the minimalist Japanese design style, where the neatness and order prevail. With a compilation of the logos of Hiromi Maeo, some millimetric and almost obsessive works in the construction of each one of its elements, alignment and space.

Hiromi is a designer and art director who creates the logos through complicated guides measuring each space and separation between the elements of his works. We leave you with your process.

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The original Bus Shelters to promote the ‘Lego Batman’ Movie

Marquesinas de Autobús Lego Batman

To promote the movie ‘Lego Batman’ in Paris, they have converted bus shelters into claw machines.

Every time we are more surprised by the creativity in outdoor advertising. There is always a new promotion that leaves you surprised. It’s the great thing about the versatility of outdoor advertising that allows you to play with its multiple variables, whether advertising billboards, interactive opis or, in this case bus shelters.

And if you put together Lego, Batman and a generous budget for the promotion of the Warner Bros movie, we have some brilliant ideas such as this one.

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Where can I study advertising in Barcelona?

Study advertising in Barcelona

Recommendations, Advice and Universities to study advertising in Barcelona.

In the Telling, advertising agency we like to help young people and those who are interested in studying advertising in Barcelona. All of us in Telling we have gone through that stage that has given us wonderful moments, indelible memories and inseparable friends. That is why we want to shed some light on what today represents wanting to study advertising. And we started with a small guide with the universities in which you can study advertising in Barcelona. And you know, once you enter, there is no turning back … :)

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Best Super Bowl Commercials

Best SuperBowl Commercials

A compilation of the Best Super Bowl Commercials in the match between New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.

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A funny marketing campaign of JetBlue to promote Jamaica

Original and funny marteking campaign of JetBlue at ‘Jamaica’, the Queens subway stop in New York.

To promote the new JetBlue route to Jamaica, the American airline made an original marketing action on the New York subway on a cold winter’s day. And is that winter temperatures rarely exceed 0 degrees in New York when in Montego Bay (Jamaica) do not fall below 30.

That is why, together with the Jamaican Tourism Board, they build up a set pretending to be an area of Jamaica in the subway interchange that bears the same name as the country. Titled ‘Change at Jamaica‘ the marketing campaign of JetBlue was intended for those passengers making a train change at ‘Jamaica’ station in Queens, New York.

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