‘Insomnie Tweets’: An Ikea Social Media campaign against insomnia

‘Insomnie Tweets’ is an Ikea Social Media campaign against insomnia among Twitter.

We liked this Ikea Social Media Campaign against insomnia in Twitter maked in Paris. Titled ‘Insomnie Tweets’ is a campaign against insomnia that rewards those who can not sleep with a new mattress. The campaign is curious and original.

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A dancing Skeletor in the last Moneysupermarket Epic Ad

A dancing Skeletor boogies to ‘Fame’ in the last Moneysupermarket Epic Ad.

Epic, brilliant, tremendous, spectacular, hilarious or legendary are words that try to define the last Moneysupermarket epic ad.

You need to be very cool to put Skeletor, the arch-enemy of He-Man of Masters of the Universe, dancing in the rhythm of ‘Fama’ down the neighborhood and happy to have saved money in hiring insurance .

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The different visions between a Graphic Designer and the Client

Diseñador Gráfico vs Cliente

A great video that represents the differences between a Graphic Designer and its client in an advertising agency.

The eternal battle in advertising agencies; try to convince our client that what we offer is the best for the brand, the consumers or the customers. Of course, the final result comes after analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, its situation in the market and its competition and what consumers do not expect from it.

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Ford designs a Baby Crib to sleep your children

Ford designs a baby crib that simulates the movement of a car to sleep your children in the case they can’t do it.

Yes, you hear it well. Ford, the company that makes cars, has crated a baby crib that simulates the movement of car to sleep any children. An idea that does not let an attempt to generate viral and repercussion on the internet by the Social Media department of the multinational but we liked it so much that we want to share it with you.

The baby crib name ‘Ford Max Motors Dreams’ has a built-in vibration that simulates the driving of a car. The one that children like so much when they can’t sleep.

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‘Keep up with Hovering Art Directors’ is the funny TV Commercial from Adobe

‘Keep up with Hovering Art Directors’ is the funny TV Commercial from Adobe that represents a normal day by an Art Director in an advertising agency.

We liked the latest campaign launched by Adobe to present its image bank service called Adobe Stock. The popular software company creator of Photoshop and Illustrator wanted to represent the benefits of its service with a hilarious tv commercial that parodies a normal day of an Art Director in an Advertising Agency.

Even with a touch of surrealism, it does not differ so much from the realities that we experienced in advertising agencies. All this is reflected very well in the last TV Commercial from Adobe.

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Superheroes reimagined with Ikea’s Style

Superheroes Ikea

Illustrator Steve Downer has done a series of illustrations reimagining the origins of superheroes with Ikea style.

Graphic designer, illustrator and animator Steve Downer has done a series of illustrations reimagining the origins of superheroes like Wonder Woman, Spiderman or Batman but in the style of the Swedish brand.
‘Not Really Ikea’ are the illustrations that mix the superheroes origin like an instructions of the Swedish multinational. Downer, who was work for DC Comics, IDW Entertainment, Warner Bros y Archie Comics made this funny an original composition.

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‘L’amour’, a TV Commercial from Intermarché to present its new advertising campaign

A funny TV Commercial from Intermarché tells the love story between a young man and a cashier at the French supermarket.

For the premiere of his new campaign, Intermarché made a TV Commercial of 3 minute in which tells the story of love between a young man and a cashier from the French supermarket.

The TV Commercial from Intermarché entitled ‘L’amour’ is the first work of the French multinational with its new agency Romance and have made the premiere in a big way, just before the release of the French version of “The Voice” in an advertising space where the average spot price of 30 seconds is around € 80,000.

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An emotional TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés for celebrate Father’s Day: ‘Drill’

El Corte Inglés celebrate Father’s day with an emotive TV Commercial bewteen a son and his father.

The last TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés celebrates father’s day with a tender history between a son and his father that becames viral due to its sentimental and emotional scenes.

‘Drill’ is the title of the TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés directed by Gracia Querejeta they tell us an intimate story full of emotions in a minute.

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The marketing and advertising strategy of Zara

Advertising Strategy from Zara

We analyze the marketing and advertising strategy of Zara, the Spanish fashion brand that does not carry out conventional advertising.

Zara does not advertise conventionally. You will not see a single television commercial, an ad in the press, a billboard or banners on the internet. Not an advertisement for Zara. And yet it is the most successful Spanish brand, with its owner Amancio Ortega as the richest person in Europe and the three richest people in the world.

This statement shocks in a world like that of fashion, in which there are battles to compete for the best advertising spaces of each medium. Brands strive to show us their spectacular prime time perfume advertisements, hire the largest advertising banners in each city and fashion magazines allocate pages and pages to brand ads. How is it possible that in this world Zara does not advertise? What marketing and advertising strategy does the Spanish multinational follow to be one of the most successful fashion companies in the world?

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‘Last Days’, the funny ad of Jose Cuervo and the end of the world

The last ad of Jose Cuervo is an apocalyptic story about the end of the world and our last actions on it.

The ad of Jose Cuervo it’s a funny history about the end of the world. And what would you do if the world were to end right now? Surely enjoy -to say something- at that very moment, with the people you would have around you.

It is the premise of the fun ad of Jose Cuervo titled ‘Last Days’, part of the advertising campaign ‘Tomorrow is Overrated’ of the brand of Mexican tequilas.

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Paul’s Journey, the inspiring history in the last Swedish Railways ad

The last Swedish Railways ad shows us Paul’s captivating interior journey that will change his life.

We like companies that make ads that dare to break with the traditional routine and go a step further to captivate the consumer. And that is what the Swedish Railways has done for its latest tv commercial.

An surprising and unexpected communication of a railway company awaits us in Paul’s Journey, the new Swedish Railways ad. And when you expect that any slogan “we arrive punctual”, “at your service” or “maximum service and quality” appears, is when the story captivates you.

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Graphic Design in the 80s: VHS Video Cassettes

Diseño Gráfico cintas VHS años 80

We love the graphic design in the 80s and we want to remember the VHS Video Cassettes design.

The passage of time is one of the great enemies of graphic design. What may now appear to us current, fresh and innovative may be after a little or a long time something awful. The passage of time applied to the design usually has the same pattern: At first it surprise us, then we get used to it, we do not look at it, when we remember it seems to us out of place, after a short time we see that what impacted on your day today could not be accepted and, in the end, we look back with nostalgia to remember a time that will never return.

Something like this has happened with all the design that was created in the 80’s. Today it is getting redone with current techniques but keeping the essence of what it once was. We find a fantastic gallery of VHS Cassettes design from brands like Polaroid, Memorex, Sony, Agfa, Scotch in which we can see the style and graphic trends of the 80s.

Among them are those made for Polaroid by Paul Giambarba in the early 60’s. We leave you with the gallery of images.

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