TOP5: Best Advertising Campaigns for the Champions League

The Best Advertising Campaigns for the Champions League

Football and advertising: The Best Advertising Campaigns for the Champions League.

Every time a great event happens, brands make the best of themselves to communicate their product. It is a good place for creative people to develop their ideas. Leisure, fun, sport, friends, family, emotion and passion are some of the elements that allow you to make a original and fun advertising campaign.

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‘The Swap’ it’s a funny advertising campaign from Dacia

‘The Swap’ is the funny advertising campaign from Dacia that exchanges Udinese fan jobs with its football players.

The Dacia car brand has been sponsoring Udinese, a Serie A Italian football team for over 4 years. In this time he has carried out numerous marketing actions to associate his brand with the football team and his fans.

For their last advertising campaign they make a funny action titled ‘The Swap’ where Udinese players who did not play the match on sunday exchanged their position with a fan who could not attend the match because his work.

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The original Ambient Advertising from Nescafé to know new people: ‘Hello Bench’

‘Hello Bench’ is the new and original ambient advertising from Nescafé in Italy that allow you to meet new people.

We like the new advertising strategy from Nescafé in Italy.

Nos gusta la nueva estrategia publicitaria que Nescafé está desarrollando en Italia. Under the concept of meeting all together to start a conversation through coffee, the brand is creating ambient advertising actions in different areas of Italy like the fantastic #NextdoorHello a campaign in which they helped a community of neighbors to know each other better trough a coffe cup.

Now they want to encourage new encounters between strangers through a cup of Nescafé with ‘Hello Bench’, an original idea to meet new people when you are resting in a bank.

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Ticket to Ride from Easy Taxi: Turn your traffic tickets into free travels

Ticket to Ride from Easy Taxi turns your traffic tickets into free travels through the app.

Since the irruption of the apps, the world of taxis has changed and the way to interact with the customer, too. There are many apps that allow you in any country to ask for a taxi without calling anyone like you used to. To that we add the Big Data that is generated with historical of expenses, kilometers crossed or times that the service has been used.

Companies like Uber have taken this advantage a step further allowing -not without much controversy- turning driving users into taxi drivers. The Uber app is the example to be followed by the competition and all those applications for smaller smartphones.

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The original Samsung’s Outdoor Advertising to announce the new Galaxy S8

Samsung’s outdoor advertising is a 7 meters recreation of the new Galaxy S8 placed in the most iconic places in the UK.

Samsung has launched a new version of one of the world’s best selling smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and has done this original outdoor advertising in the United Kingdom.

One of the characteristics of the new terminals is its screen size and this is what Samsung wants to announce to the consumers. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5,8 inches screen and the big brother, the Galaxy S8+ goes into the 6,2 inches.

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Emotional TV Ad from Allegro where a mother tries to find a costume for her daughter

The emotional TV Ad from Allegro where a mother tries to find a costume for her daughter.

Allegro is a Polish auction website which gets viral thanks to a Christmas ad that became viral in 2016 in which an older gentleman wanted to learn English and got it through the products that the Polish brand sold.

Now they made a new TV Ad where we see a mother trying to find a costume to her daughter. The emotional TV Ad from Allegro titled “Costume Party” keeps the same tone of its last campaigns to make known everything that you can find in its web page.

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TOP 5: Best Motivational TV advertisements

Best Motivational TV advertisements

Motivational stories to sell. We make a top 5 of the most motivational TV Advertisements that they are going to thrill you.

Most of the motivationals TV advertisements are made when a big sports events comes like the Olympic games or Football World Cup. Making an inspiration advertising campaign it’s not easy but it gets a double effect if works well. You sell your product and the customers are identified with your brand. Win-Win.

These are our top 5 of the best motivational TV advertisements!


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TOP 5: Most controversial ads in Television

Los cinco anuncios más polémicos

In our top 5 we talk about the more controversial ads in Television.

There are many ads, spots and advertising campaigns that move between an invisible line that makes a genius ad or generate a disproportionate controversy that can remove ads and kills the image of a brand.

We made a top 5 of the most controversial ads in Television in Spain. Some of them are retired in time to avoid brand reputation crises, others are still hanging on the internet. We talk about the top5 more controversial ads in Television.

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A website made with chocolate from Hershey’s: #Eaternet

Hershey’s in Brazil has created a website made with chocolate that you can eat.

Hershey’s is one of the largest food multinationals in the world. Founded in 1894 in the United States, its bar of chocolate is an icon in the American culture that throughout generations have lived with the products manufactured by the chocolat company.

The Hershey’s marketing department in Brazil create a campaign to make their website more “appetizing”. So they created #Eaternet, a website made with chocolate that people could eat.

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‘Make a date with a Harlequin’ is the hottest TV Commercial from Harlequin

The latest TV Commercial from Harlequin, the romantic novel publisher encourages to have a date with a Viking or a Cowboy.

We like the advertising campaigns of Harlequin, an editorial specializing in romantic novels. We still remember that fantastic campaign titled “Whatever your’re into”, where some women unleashed their passion with a cowboy and a soldier respectively with their own husbands presents.

In a wonderful analogy between day-to-day evasion and routine with the simple fact of opening a book, Harlequin showed us that advertising campaigns can be done to sell romantic novels and not lose a single ounce of creativity.

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‘Hamburguers, not Boobs’ is the last TV Commercial from Carl’s Jr. to clean his image

The last TV Commercial from Carl’s Jr.’s cleanse his image after his controversial campaigns introducing Carl Hardee Sr. in ‘Hamburgers, not Boobs’.

The fast-food company Carl’s Jr. has been conducting controversial advertising campaigns for some time. From sexist ads released on SuperBowl to the latter in which to announce their latest hamburger showed girls in bikini playing volleyball on the border between Mexico and the United States.

The TV Commercial, described as sexist and racist, forced the company to come out with a statement apologizing: “It is simply a fast food ad, if a relationship was made between the ad and the policy, it simply was not our intention”.

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The origin of the Easter rabbit, told in this cute TV Commercial

This cute TV Commercial form Netto supermarkets tells the origin of the Easter Rabbit in a funny and original way.

Easter is a tradition that many Anglo-Saxon countries celebrate with Easter eggs, consisting of painting chocolate eggs and hiding them so that children can find them.

It is not known with certainty how this tradition originated, although we see that in many areas it is practiced differently. The Easter rabbit according to legend, is a creature that brings baskets full of colorful eggs and candy to children houses. It was mentioned for the first time in the work of Georg Franck von Frankenau in ‘De ovis paschalibus’ (About Easter Eggs) in 1682, which refers to an Alsace tradition of a hare bringing Easter eggs.

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