Festival Bottle, a Coca-Cola campaign to reconnect with Romanian Teens

Festival Bottle its the new Coca-Cola campaign to reconnect with Rumanian Teens on their ground.

Awareness about sugar consumption is a trend that is hurting corporate sugary drinks. More and more new generations choose with criteria those products and drinks that they use in their habitual diet.

Although the efforts of multinationals to eliminate sugar from their products while maintaining the flavor, it is true that the advertising made in all this time has contributed to associated they brand image to sugar.

Now all campaigns are aimed at regaining consumer confidence in their products. An example is the latest Coca-Cola campaign to reconnect with Rumanian Teens on their ground.

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An original advertising campaign to promote Sweden: ‘Sweden on Airbnb’

‘Sweden on Airbnb’ its an original advertising campaign that put the whole country on Airbnb.

We like the advertising campaigns carried out by the Swedish tourism department. We all remember that fantastic publicity campaign titled ‘The Swedish Number’ in which the citizens of the Nordic country became hosts to explain the benefits of their country by telephone.

Now, to continue promoting themselves abroad, they have carried out a joint campaign with Airbnb destined for the United States. The popular platform is the best way to live as a Swedish citizen in the real world.

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Top5: The Best Street Marketing Actions

Best Street Marketing Actions

Advertising outside the conventional medium. In our top’s five… the best street marketing actions.

New terms have been created in the world of advertising and marketing thanks to globalization. Terms related to actions that become viral around the world bringing the brand to a huge number of consumers that otherwise would be impossible to do.

We talk about Ambient and Street Marketing, advertising actions that consist of carrying out non-conventional marketing strategies, outside the natural environment. In the case of Ambient Marketing, we proceed to transform urban elements to draw attention of the pedestrians. On the other side the Street Marketing interrupts the routine of the place where it is realized and it invites the pedestrians to participate in the same one.

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Jeep Snacks, a Vending Machine for those who want adventure

Jeep has created a vending machine called Jeep Snacks, special for those who want adventure.

We love the vending machines. A nice structure that allows to create good ideas for marketing campaigns. This time the American car company Jeep has created a Case Study called Jeep Snacks, intended for those seeking adventure even while in the big city.

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An inspiring advertising from University of Phoenix: We Can Do It

The advertising from University of Phoenix titled ‘We Can Do It’ it’s an inspiring story about a mother and her job.

Advertising campaigns of academic institutions such as universities or schools do not usually lavish much. And the ones that are made are usually boring and monotonous information campaigns.

That’s why surprised us the latest advertising from the University of Phoenix. To promote their full range of possibilities to study in it, have made this inspiring advertising.

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A Coca-Cola napkin holder for capturing photographs in 360 degrees

Coca-Cola creates a napkin holder for capturing photographs in 360 degrees.

We like the initiatives launched by the subsidiaries of the big brands in different countries. Always under a common communication but granting some creative freedom that allows to create original marketing actions. The examples of the Ikea advertising campaigns or the marketing actions of Nescafé are clear.

In this case we talk about an original initiative of Coca-Cola Spain by turning the typical napkin holder into a 360 degree camera with which you can connect via smartphone.

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AXA creates Smartbell. An intelligent bell for the bicycles

AXA creates a Smartbell. An intelligent bell for bicycles designed to warn nearby cars.

In cities, cars and bicycles must share space, respect traffic rules and watch each other. While the current vehicles are equipped with the latest technology to avoid collisions; bicycles are still very vulnerable to any collision with a vehicle, and the consequences for the rider could be fatal.

Although precautions are taken, drivers drive with distractions within the vehicle that decrease the concentration on the road. The radio on, talking hands-free or watching the kids in the back seat. These are some of the numerous examples that can distract us from what happens on the road.

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TOP5: Nike best advertising campaigns

Best Nike Advertising Campaigns

Advertising History. We take a look to the 5 Nike best advertising campaigns through its history.

Today we are going to review the top five advertising campaigns of Nike. Advertising History. One of the greatest brands, only comparable to Coca-Cola or Google for example. A company that has managed to position its brand, logo and slogan to a certain way of understanding the sport: Move, break personal boundaries and get what you set out for. Just Do It. Read more

Movistar’s Love Story, the Shocking Ad against Child Abuse on the Web

Movistar’s Love Story is a love story with a surprising ending against Child Abuse on the Internet

We are liking the advertising that Movistar is doing in Latin America. We remember the action to get Gigas gratis in Peru and now we repeat with the Movistar in Mexico with a campaign to report the harassment of children in the network.

Movistar’s Love Story is a campaign of awareness and denunciation of child harassment in the internet intended for those more innocent who agree to chat with any stranger who sends a request for friendship.

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TOP5: Best emotional advertising seen on TV

Best emotional advertising

The emotions are a powerful selling tool. We take a look at 5 best emotional advertising seen on TV.

When making an advertising campaign, appealing to emotions usually gives a great result to get the consumer empathize with the brand, product or service that wants to offer us.

When we are told a story involves emotion, our brain is activated in multiple parts showing a more intense activity. The studies corroborate that we usually forget the mere data but remember the stories that have moved us. Emotional advertising is one of the pillars in which you define the meaning of Storytelling to generate empathy for the consumer.

Like motivational advertising campaigns, if done correctly has a double effect, the consumers are identified with history and therefore linked to the brand thanks to the activation of mirror neurons in the individual as part of neuromarketing.

Let’s take a look to the 5 best emotional advertising seen on TV.

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Movistar Speed Control, get free Gigabytes respecting the speed limit

Movistar Speed Control is an app that gives you free Gigabytes if you respect the speed limit in Peru.

In Lima, Peru, 30% of traffic accidents are for speeding. To raise awareness, Movistar Peru launched an original campaign entitled ‘Speed Control’ in which an app rewarded those drivers who respected the speed limit.

A Study made from Movistar found that during the summer on the southern beaches, most of the accidents due to speeding. Long roads incite to run to arrive at your destination before.

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Viral ad campaign from Heineken for the Champions League: TimeZone

TimeZone is the last viral ad campaign from Heineken for the Champions League for workers who watch the match in the office.

The Heineken advertising campaigns associated with the Champions League every day surprise us more. And it is not easy as they have been carrying out viral marketing campaigns very originals.

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An emotive TV Commercial from American Greetings for Mother’s Day

The TV Commercial from American Greetings to celebrate Mother’s Day tells a nice story using one of their greeting cards.

Last May 7 was Mother’s Day and many brands have dedicated a moment to congratulate all the mothers of the world. And we love the TV Commercial from of American Greetings, the company of postcards and loyalty cards.

The TV Commercial from American Greetings tells us an emotive story with one of their greeting cards and makes us reflect how important mothers are in our life and how any insignificant detail can be worth much for us.

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