Spider-man grabs coffee in a Starbucks

To promote ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’, Sony Pictures and Starbucks have done this fun hidden camera prank in New York.

Spider-man grabs coffee in a Starbucks. The last marketing action of Sony Pictures to promote the Spider-man movie is a prank with hidden camera in New York.

Is there anything more normal than Spider-man grabs coffee at a Starbucks? The superhero of Queens has been willing to scare the customers of this coffee shop in New York.

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The original advertising support of Del Valle natural juices

The original advertising support of the Del Valle’s natural juices in a supermarket.

The natural juices brand Del Valle has made a curious initiative in a supermarket in Rio de Janeiro. They used an original advertising support to advertise their products to consumers.

People waste a lot of time squeezing fruit to consume natural juice. That is why they do this marketing campaign to demonstrate the quality of their products agains natural juices.

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The Best advertising campaigns in Cannes Lions

Best Advertising Campaigns in Cannes

The best advertising campaigns seen in Cannes Lions. Listing with gold lions awarded at the advertising festival.

This week has been Cannes Lions. The advertising and creativity festival brings together all the creative talent worldwide to choose the best advertising works. Raising oneself with the prestigious statue of the lion is almost impossible task. We have remembered all the Grand Prix of the festival, and now we are going to review the Golden Lions or what is the same, the best advertising campaigns seen in Cannes.

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All the Grand Prix of Cannes Lions 2017

Cannes Lions 2017

The list with all the Grand Prix of Cannes Lions, the advertising festival celebrated in Cannes.

This week has been Cannes Lions. The advertising and creativity festival brings together all the creative talent worldwide to choose the best advertising works. Achieving the “Advertising Oscars” is the most precious asset of all the creative agencies in the world. And rising with the prestigious statue of the lion is almost impossible task. We have prepared the list of all the Grand Prix of the Festival Cannes Lions of 2017.

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The Heineken campaign creates a personalized beer for tourists

The latest Heineken campaign: “A ‘Dam Fresh Heineken” creates a personalized beer for tourists arriving in Amsterdam.

It’s curious the last campaign of Heineken to address the young tourists who travel to Amsterdam on holidays. The multinational has detected that many young people when they arrive at the city are choosing to take the first beer in a microbrewery where they make Craft beer.

In the end, Heineken started out as an artisan beer that became more and more over the years. And to remind tourists the status of ‘Original Beer of Amsterdam’ they have created personalized beers for travelers arriving in the city. They have titled the campaign as A ‘Dam Fresh Heineken.

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‘Cook this page’ by Ikea, great posters with recipes for cooking

Cook this page by Ikea is a great initiative to help you cook. Through posters with instructions to put everything in the oven.

We like IKEA initiatives in marketing and advertising in different countries. The Swedish brand gives creative agencies total freedom to carry out creative and original marketing actions.

This is the case of the last action in Toronto. Cook this page by Ikea wants to help us cook new products in a different way. A great idea translated in a very visual posters where we can place the products and then put them in the oven.

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38 useful shortcuts for Photoshop

Useful Shortcuts for Photoshop

A fantastic visual guide with 38 useful shortcuts for Photoshop that will facilitate your workflow.

Today we want to share with you a fantastic visual guide. There are 38 useful shortcuts for Photoshop that will make your work easier. And is that the popular program created more than 25 years ago by Thomas Knoll allows us to use the keyboard shortcuts to streamline our work.

Keyboard shortcuts allow professionals in the design and video editing world to quickly move into graphic content creation. Once you get used to the difference between working with them and it is not practically abysmal.

As the number of keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop is huge; We bring you a guide with the 38 useful shortcuts for Photoshop. They have created it in macrostudios.net to help you improve your workflow.

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‘The Lunchbox’, the Norwegian ad that has excited social networks

‘The Lunchbox’ is a Norwegian advertisement that calls for more foster homes. This ad has excited social networks.

For ads like this we love advertising. Condensate a nice, tender and emotional story in a minute to impact on consumers. It is not easy to do the Budfir ad, the Norwegian NGO for Children, Youth and Family.

The Norwegian advertisement titled ‘The Lunchbox’ has excited social networks getting millions of views in just one week. The ad denounces malnutrition in society and calls for more shelter homes.

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The last McDonald’s marketing action reinvents the Drive-Thru in Brazil

The last McDonald’s marketing action reinvents the Drive-Thru concept in Brazil.

We have enjoyed this McDonald’s marketing action in Brazil. The American multinational has long been performing creative marketing actions and it is not easy to be surprised.

The goal of the last McDonald’s marketing campaign in Brazil was to remind consumers that there is always a McDonald’s nearby and ready to offer service.

And how did they do it? Well instead of it being the car that goes to the restaurant, the restaurant went to the car. In other words, they turned the Drive-Thru concept around to surprise consumers. They called it ‘Drive-Truck’.

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‘Nutella Unica’ creates seven million of Nutella different packaging

Nutella has launched a new marketing campaign called ‘Nutella Unica’ where it has created seven million different Nutella packagings.

Nutella, the chocolate cream brand created by Michele Ferrero in 1965 created a fantastic marketing campaign recently where you could customize the label to put the name on the packaging.

The campaign was so successful that many brands like Coca-Cola made similar moves. Although in the case of the American multinational the labels came printed in a series of predetermined names; the marketing campaign of Nutella allowed to personalize the label with the name that you wanted.

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Best advertising campaigns in ‘El Sol 2017’

Best Advertising Campaigns

The best advertising campaigns in ‘El Sol 2017’

We entered the period of advertising festivals. And is that has been held in Bilbao the 32nd edition of the Festival El Sol dedicated to the advertising communication of Ibero-America. A festival that awards its prizes to the best advertising campaigns of the last year.

The Festival presented a total of 289 awards among the 15 official sections; spread over 85 agencies and 16 different countries. Colombia won the ‘Sol de platino’ for its action in telephone booths called “Payphonebank” and Spain took 182 statuettes.

Of all the most outstanding publicity campaigns carried out in Ibero-America, Proximity agency took the recognition to the festival agency and ‘Loterías y apuestas del estado’ that won the Advertiser of the Year award.

Sol de platino – Payphonebank

Brand Content: Audi

Tv and cinema: Quilmes

Integrated campaign: Loterías y apuestas

Digital: #paellaemoji

Smartphone: Samsung

Media: Unicef

Production: Microsoft

Newspapers and Magazines: Getty Images

Mejores campañas de publicidad El sol 2017 - Getty Images

Mejores campañas de publicidad El sol 2017 - Getty Images

Mejores campañas de publicidad El sol 2017 - Getty Images

The interactive opis in Paris that scares pedestrians crossing in red light

‘Road Safety’ is the advertising campaign with an interactive opis in Paris to raise awareness for pedestrians who cross in red light.

Every year, 4,500 pedestrians are victims of traffic accidents in Paris. Many of these accidents are because the pedestrian has crossed with the red light. To aware of the danger of doing these actions, the French government has made a shocking publicity campaign called ‘Road Safety’.

The objective is to reduce the high rate of traffic accidents with pedestrians in the French capital. And they have made an interactive opis in Paris that warn of the danger when you are crossing in red light.

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