A funny Smart’s advertising campaign

The Smart advertising campaign puts us in three situations that you can avoid if you use a Smart ForTwo.

We’ve loved this Smart’s advertising campaign. It is not the first time that the German brand does surprises us with funny advertising campaigns. 

Now they have returned with a funny and ingenious advertising campaign. With the motto: “Life doesn’t wait until you’ve found a parking space”. One of the features of the Smart Fortwo is its 2.69m. of length that will allow to find parking easily.

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Where Do Ideas Come From?

This fantastic short film try to explain where do ideas come from?

Where do ideas come from? How do they arise? Why are they so important? It’s a question we ask ourselves often. Some agree that the sum of experiences helps to generate memories. Others recommend reading a lot. The point is that we must store moments and experiences in the brain to be able to express them when we want.

Where do ideas come from?

Well, this fantastic short film by the Canadian Andrew Norton wants to answer this question. In it we have different professionals, like the filmmaker David Lynch, the radio journalist Robert Krulwich or the artist Chuck Close, and two children who give their point of view on the mysteries of the inspiration. The comments are accompanied by different images that help to better understand what they are telling.

This short film also tries to demystify a little that moment of inspiration in which an idea hits a person’s mind when they least expect it.

Via | Criatura Creativa

The spectacular Icelandair’s advertising for the Icelandic women’s football team

A spectacular Icelandair’s advertising for support the Icelandic women’s football team on the Euro tournament.

Iceland’s national teams are often proud with their country in all the tournaments in which it participates. We all remember what happened in the EURO 2016 of France when the Viking country surprised us with his way in the competition.

Now the Icelandic women’s soccer team participates in the European championship celebrated in Netherlands as one of the ‘easy tem’s’ of the tournament. Its mirror is the success accomplished by the men’s team in the commented competition.

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Feedit Bag, a biodegradable bag with built-in seeds

The Edeka supermarket company has created Feedit Bag, a biodegradable bag with built-in seeds.

Plastic bags are a real problem. Every day thousands and thousands of bags are distributed every second, a real problem for the environment. To try to help, the German supermarket company Edeka has started an original initiative that goes beyond the bags of cloth or paper in its centers.

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A Lego graphic campaign: Build the Future

Campaña Gráfica de Lego: Build the future

‘Build the Future’ is the last Lego graphic campaign which invites us to build our future.

We like Lego graphic campaigns, they are original, funny and ingenious. And it could not be less the latest creativity of the popular Danish brand.

According to Lego, we begin to build our future when we are small from our imagination. And an important part of developing this imagination is that children can create things through popular Lego blocks.

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The Gatorade’s advertising with a spectacular figure made of water drops

For the last Gatorade’s advertising they have made a spectacular animated figure with drops of water and none is made with CGI.

Technology has allowed us to reach unimaginable limits. Distinguishing between the real or the fictitious is a thin line that allows us to carry out works that were unthinkable.

These new techniques of accomplishment also reached the advertising productions. Computer animations, special effects and CGI filled the big productions of the multinationals. That’s why it made us happy to see how ingenuity, creativity and originality are still present in some advertising campaigns.

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Tram Roulette, the funny marketing action of the Holland Casino

Tram Roulette, the funny marketing action of the Holand Casino to ease the wait of the passengers of the tram.

The hangover of the Cannes advertising festival leaves us with a lot of amazing advertising actions carried out by brands and advertising agencies. This is the case of the marketing action carried out by the Holland Casino in Amsterdam, ‘Tram Roulette’; winner of six bronze lions including the best outdoor campaign and guerrilla marketing.

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