‘Epic Skeletor’ come back to dance Dirty Dancing in Moneysupermarket ad

The new Moneysupermarket ad brings us ‘Epic Skeletor’ dancing ‘Dirty Dancing’ with He-man.

Seldom have we seen such an epic, brilliant and spectacular spot as the Moneysupermarket spot featuring Skeletor, the popular He-man villain. We think the creators don’t expect the success of the advertising campaign. And they have not hesitated to perform a second part following the tonic of the first one, this time with the theme Dirty Dancing as a central song.

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‘Iconic Moments’ it’s a Pepsi’s minimal graphic campaign

‘Iconic Moments’ it’s a Pepsi’s minimal graphic campaign very clean and creative.

Often big budgets hide what is a priori a poor idea. It is not necessary to be creative, only show your product in the most spectacular way possible. And many times the creatives forget the power of a good idea. That’s why we love this Pepsi’s graphic campaign titled ‘Iconic Moments’.

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A funny ad of Audi presenting his autonomous driving system

The invisible man star the funny ad of Audi to present his autonomous driving system: Audi Piloted Driving.

The new advertising campaign of the German brand presents us to the invisible man. The main character of J.B. Johnson is the protagonist of the last ad of Audi that has been created for the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Represented as a retired actor, the invisible man gives us a review of his career, remembering films and anecdotes. One of the things that most regrets is not having starred in a movie car. That’s when we present Audi’s new autonomous driving system: The Audi Piloted Driving.

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A cover of Nessun Dorma made with orgasms to promote Turandot

Folkoperan, the Swedish opera house has launched this provocative spot to promote Turandot.

We rarely see creative advertising campaigns to promote classical music or opera concerts. And although classical music and opera still have a large number of fans among the people of central Europe (like Salzburg, Vienna, …) young people still do not feel attracted to this type of music.

That’s why we loved this Folkoperan advertising campaign to promote Turandot. And is that the house of Swedish opera wanted to announce his work in a provocative and controversial way … versioning Nessun Dorma with orgasms.

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An endearing Heinz ad to present its new Baked Beans product line

Heinz ad is an endearing story to present his new Baked Beans product line.

The US food company H.J. Heinz Company, more popularly known as Heinz, and famous for its ’57 varieties’ of sauce has launched an advertising campaign to present a new line of one of its classic products: Baked Beans.

For those who do not know them, the Baked Beans is a product of Heinz that began to be elaborated in 1901. In 1905 they arrived in the UK through the Fortnum & Mason department stores that sold him as an exotic product. It was not until 1941 that the British Food Ministry classified Heinz Baked Beans as an ‘essential food’ in its wartime rationing system. Since then it has been a staple food in the English population.

Now to introduce the new product line in Australia have released a short animated in a Pixar style.

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