“Pink Kittens” an awareness campaign about using the mobile

“Pink Kittens” is the shocking publicity campaign to raise awareness about the use of mobile driving.

There are many advertising campaigns to avoid high accident rates at the road. In any country, many people lose their lives by driving. Although the habits of the drivers are changing but there is always a behavior that we must improve.

10 years ago the problem was the use of the car when having drunk alcohol. Numerous advertising campaigns tried to raise awareness about avoiding the car if we had drunk. Today the problem is the use we give the smartphone while we make a drive. One in three people between the ages of 17 and 24 uses their phone while driving.

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“Mother Energy” a Phillips new advertising campaign

“Mother Energy” is Phillips’ new advertising campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day in Argentina.

We liked this Phillips advertising campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day in Argentina. They have made an original proposal to collect the energy that mothers give in their day to day.

“Mother Energy” is the slogan of the Phillips campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day in Argentina, an original action that has surprised us. The Dutch multinational has proposed to collect the energy of Argentine mothers.

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Bullying Jr, the Burger King anti-bullying campaign

The Burger King anti-bullying campaign shows us in hidden camera as some of its clients react.

To raise awareness about bullying, Burger King has carried out an awareness campaign on its premises. Through a hidden camera, we have seen how some of his clients reacted.

According to a study conducted by nobully.org, 30% of students worldwide suffer from bullying. One of the problems is the silence of those people who, still knowing, do nothing.

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Nike sponsors the NBA with this tv-ad: “Want it All”

Nike sponsors the NBA with an inspiring spot titled “Want It All”.

We have a time when the big brands in sportswear are settled. In Europe we have these brands wearing long sports clubs. More specifically, in Spain Madrid and Barcelona we associate them with Adidas and Nike. But the contracts are finished and the executives wait to have a big sign of a new contract. Famous is the example of Manchester United, who after some time with Nike signed with Adidas in exchange for 940 million euros for 10 years.

Even bigger is the american budget, and more specifically the NBA. Nike has just released sponsorship in the most important basketball league instead of Adidas, the previous sponsor.

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Tile’s tv advertising and his endearing teddy bear: “Lost Panda”

Tile’s TV Advertising tells the story of an endearing teddy bear lost in the city.

We liked the Tile’s tv advertising titled “Lost Panda”. We liked very much the way we have sold the benefits of the product. When an advertising campaign has a good storytelling it is able to sell you a product by way of emotion.

Who has not lost a beloved object? And when we talk about beloved object we can refer to him in many ways. From a toy car, a few keys, a wallet or … a teddy bear.

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Burger King’s marketing action at the end of the movie “IT”

Burger King’s marketing action charges against McDonald’s at the end of the movie “IT”.

“IT”, the new version of the movie starring by the clown Pennywise is rampaging at the box office. At the moment it has already become the highest grossing horror film in the United States. In addition, the adaptation of the popular novel of Stephen King is being everything a lode for the brands. There are many brands who have made original advertising campaigns like this one in Sydney.

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Bear Claws: The brilliant deconstruction of a song on Facebook Live

The academic performs a brilliant deconstruction of “Bears Claws”, his song on Facebook Live through the delay.

We live in a time where video is being the main protagonist in content. Many people have channels with diverse themes with a large number of subscribers. We also have great influencing youtubers for the new generations. And to this, the brands are attentive to be able to connect with an increasingly segmented public.

For this, social networks compete to offer tools to drag the thousands of followers to their web pages. It all started with YouTube, it came in force Twitch with its streamings for video games, then came Periscope to revolutionize live life and Facebook got on the car with Facebook Live. But streaming content is a technology still young and not without its problems.

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A special craft beer from Carlsberg for Liverpool fans

To celebrate 25 years of sponsorship with Liverpool, Carlsberg has made a special craft beer for its fans.

Carlsberg has been sponsoring Liverpool FC for 25 years. A strange thing in the world of the sponsorships, considering the disputed that is every year the shirt of the English club to insert publicity in it. Few are the brands that manage to hold out for so long. An example is Heineken’s advertising campaign to commemorate its 20 years of sponsorship with the Champions League.

Liverpool is a special club. He has a mystical acquired that has managed to transfer the feeling of his fans and of the fans to the soccer. Still are one of the most important clubs in economic level year after year although the sports results do not accompany.

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