A funny Christmas ad of Intermarche: J’ai tant rêvé

A fun and emotional Christmas ad of Intermarché puts Santa on a diet.

It seems that this year the creatives are working hard to end the year. After seeing the Christmas ads of the traditional brands such as John Lewis, Lotteries, Sainsbury’s and Debenhams now we have new Christmas ad from the “minor” companies.

This is how we are discovering more Christmas ads that have nothing to envy to those previously nominated. Brands are adding creativity to their campaigns and are not limited to showing products or discounts. Now they make a great storytelling to offer us new funny, emotional and original stories.

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The motivational Gatorade ad with Serena Williams

Serena Williams stars in the latest Gatorade ad after having her son.

The last Gatorade ad is starring Serena Williams after having her son. And is that the American tennis player surprised everyone with the announcement of his retirement from the world of tennis. The reason was none other than her pregnancy.

This action, unusual in the world of female elite sport, was applauded by all. Serena is the best paid sportswoman in the world and had decided to leave the courts to be a mother.

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The modern version of Cinderella in the Debenhams Christmas ad: “You Shall”

The Debenhams Christmas ad reinterprets Cinderella in a classic-style advertising.

The Debenhams Christmas ad brings us a modern reinterpretation of the classic fairy tale “Cinderella”. Increasingly, Christmas ads want to become more original and surprising, and sometimes they tend to get lost among other ideas.

That’s why we appreciate this Debenhamas Christmas ad, recovering the classic cut in this type of ads. This means, good performance and photography, a solid history and good acting work.

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The Marks & Spencer Christmas ad starring Paddington

The Marks & Spencer Christmas ad features the popular bear: Paddington.

The popular bear Paddington, one of the most famous characters in British children’s literature, is the star of the Marks & Spencer Christmas ad. After a week full of Christmas ads, the big chain stores can now focus on sales this holiday season.

The last advertising campaign is the Marks & Spencer ad, titled “Paddington and the Christmas Visitor”. The brand gives prominence to one of the most beloved characters in British children’s literature: The Paddington Bear. Created by Michael Bond in 1958, the Paddington bear has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

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The funny Sainsbury’s ad for Christmas: “Every bit of Christmas”

The Sainsbury’s ad for Christmas is a funny song sung by real people.

Big week in the world of advertising. The major advertising campaigns for Christmas have been released in a very short space of time. On Friday John Lewis kicked off with his #MoztheMonster, on Monday it was the turn of the Amazon Christmas ad in the morning and the ad of Lotería de Navidad for the afternoon. Great Christmas stories explained in a very different way.

Today it has been the last company to launch his advertising campaign. And we are sorry for the previous ones but the Sainsbury’s ad fills us with emotion, joy and fun. A Christmas ad that reminds us of the reason for these holidays and renews our “hype” for Christmas. It is the ad that best represents the Christmas values and the one that best explains it. So he feels it and he transmits it to us through a catchy song sung by real people. It is, without any doubt, our favorite ad for these holidays.

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The Amazon’s Christmas ad is starring by its logo at boxes

The Amazon’s Christmas ad is starring by its logo smile at boxes.

We liked Amazon’s Christmas ad. The American multinational of e-commerce initiates Christmas campaign with a funny spot titled “Give”. The ad is carried out by the smile of the logo printed on the boxes.

With a record turnover this Christmas campaign (if we include the Black Friday) expects an increase in online purchases of 15%.

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The new John Lewis Christmas Ad: #MoztheMonster

The new John Lewis Christmas ad is an emotive story presenting ‘Moz the Monster’.

It’s Christmas, yes. Because the John Lewis Christmas ad is here. Although earlier than usual, the chain of high-end department stores opens the Christmas ads season with its fantastic history. 

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Canon starts the Christmas ads season with: “Next Year is Coming”

Canon starts the Christmas ads season with: “Next Year is Coming. Be Ready.”

We announce the start of Christmas ad season. John Lewis has already begun to show some teaser, the people talk about how the Lottery ad will be and Freixenet brand is still looking to reuse material from last years.

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Samsung gives the Note8 to passengers on an Iberia flight

Samsung gives the Note8 to passengers on an Iberia flight to celebrate the launch of their new smartphone.

Yes, as you read it. Samsung gives the Note8 to passengers on a flight from Iberia. The surprising action was made on the flight Madrid – La Coruña at 7:30 am.

Behind this action are a marketing campaign to repair Samsung’s image brand. The previous terminal of the Korean company, the Note7 became infamous for the explosion of its batteries. One of the most famous cases was when some units exploded inside an airplane, causing panic attacks among the passengers.

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Guide to choosing an effective brand name

Choosign an effective brand name

These are the steps to follow to choose an effective brand name for our company or product.

Choosing a brand name is one of those fundamental moments when we are starting a project. Either a name for a product, company or service. We are all familiar with the term “Branding” that defines the process in which the brand of a company is built. But first it is necessary to work on the choice of our brand name. This process is called “Naming”.

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Bose’s advertising campaign tells us about the power of music

Bose’s advertising campaign talks about the power of music to present its new headphones.

We liked the latest Bose’s advertising campaign. The american brand of electronics presents its new range of headphones Quiet Comfort 35 II to start the Christmas sales campaign.

The advertising campaign of Bose is a series of four spots based on the emotional power of music. In the feelings that music gives us and the bond that has been with us throughout our lives.

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“Thank you, mom” the new P&G ad for the Winter Olympics

The new P&G ad titled “Thank You, Mom” follows its previous advertising campaigns for the Olympic Games.

It seems like it was an eternity when in June 2012 P&G launched one of the best commercials in history. The multinational Procter & Gamble managed to be one of the sponsors of the COI and went on to carry out advertising campaigns in the different editions of the Olympic Games.

Thus, with “Thank You, Mom” one of the best commercials for the Olympic Games in London 2012 was conceived; a very powerful storytelling, an impeccable performance and a moving music. It is composed from a Ludovico Eudiani still unknown to the general public.

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