The spectacular animation of the BBC for the Olympic Games

The spectacular animation of the BBC Sport for the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

The Olympic Games arrive and the sponsoring brands begin to release their advertising campaigns. They do not usually have the same reputation as the Olympic Games but the world of winter sports moves audiences that interest big brands. P&G has already made another of its spectacular campaigns with “Thank You, Mom” and brands are starting to release their advertising campaigns.

One of them is BBC Sport; they have created a spectacular animation to publicize the broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

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Audi’s spectacular advert to present the new Audi Quattro

Audi’s spectacular advert presents Candide Thovex skiing on all types of surfaces.

We like Audi advertising campaigns. They have always taken care of their advertising campaigns to make them different, attractive and impressive. Today we bring you a new sample, with a spectacular advert starring the French skier Candide Thovex.

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The 40 most famous covers of American magazines

40 covers most famous of American Magazines

The American Society of Magazine Editors has compiled a list of the 40 most famous covers of American magazines.

The American Society of Magazine Editors (Asme) has compiled a list with the 40 most famous covers of North American magazines of the last 40 years.

The compilation gathers those iconic covers that have represented the most outstanding events in modern society in North American culture.

In the list we can see the most representative covers of Esquire, Rolling Stone, Time, National Geographic, The New Yorker or People among others. The cover of the Rolling Stone by John Lennon and Yoko Ono is the most famous of them all. The photograph taken by Annie Leibovitz and was published on January 22, 1981.

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Ikea Wants You to Pee on This Ad

Ikea Wants You to Pee on This Ad. If You’re Pregnant, It Will Give You a Discount on a Crib.

Swedish agency Åkestam Holst, Adweek’s International Agency of the Year for 2017, has been killing it with the Ikea work in recent years. And it starts out 2018 with a splash (sorry) by creating a magazine ad that women are encouraged to pee on.

Sounds a bit gross, and maybe it is—but there’s a fun twist. If you’re pregnant, peeing on the ad reveals a special discounted price on cribs, thanks to technology similar to that in pregnancy-test kits.

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The emotional Cadbury TV advert: ‘Mum’s Birthday’

The emotional spot of Cadbury TV advert is a story about the generosity and the small gestures of the people.

The latest Cadbury TV advert is an emotional story about generosity and small details. The best-selling chocolate brand in the United Kingdom has changed its advertising agency. This ‘Mom’s Birthday’ shows us the new brand’s direction.

The story starts with a storytelling marked by generosity and the small gestures that are still around us. The brand wants to highlight those acts of kindness that show the true human connection; “A story with which customers are once again attracted to the brand, just like when you saw ads in the 70s” according to Darren Bailes, the Creative Director of the new advertising agency, VCCP London.

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The Pictionary’s tv ad shows us how much fun it is to be wrong

The latest Pictionary’s tv ad titled ‘The Fish’ shows us how much fun it is to be wrong.

We liked Mattel’s latest advertising campaign to promote Pictionary. In the midst of digital games and the culture of immediacy, the charm of spending an afternoon together playing a board game is being lost.

And few board games more reflect the spirit of having a good time than the popular Pictionary. The famous board game created by Rob Angel in the 80s is still valid today.

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Tinder’s TV ad reviews the love story with ‘Invention of Together’

Tinder’s tv ad reviews the history of relationships from prehistory with ‘Invention of Together’.

‘Tinder’ is an app that allows us to meet other people in a simple and direct way. It could be said that it has revolutionized the way of knowing and having relationships with other people. Just like YouTube and Facebook did, Tinder has come to revolutionize the world of love.

Now, they have made a new advertising campaign to show us how the world of relationships has evolved. Tinder’s tv ad reminds us that courtship exists since prehistory. For this they have made a nice animated short in which they review the phases that love has had at different moments in history.

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