The funny Ikea advertising campaign: Ghosts

The funny Ikea advertising campaign and the ghosts that prefer the sheets and curtains of the Swedish brand.

Ikea launched an advertising campaign called “The Wonderful Everyday”. The campaign includes different commercials where daily situations are narrated. They are funny and endearing stories that revolve around the products of the Swedish brand.

The latest Ikea advertising campaign presents its gamma of home textiles. From curtains to sheets, through covers and carpets. The new prints take all the prominence for the Spring collection and gives us the possibility of giving an original touch to the home decoration.

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Maillot 45, an special Maillot for cyclist from Genesis

Maillot 45 is an special maillot that invites drivers to respect and protect cyclists.

In telling advertising agency we like bikes. Some are cyclists, others use it to move around the city. The weekend we went by the roads we have around Barcelona to enjoy this sport. And that is why we like all the initiatives of brands and companies to achieve a good coexistence between cyclists and drivers.

To celebrate World Bicycle Day, Genesis Insurance company has created “Maillot 45“, an advertising campaign that invites drivers to respect and protect cyclists. The Genesis maillot automatically alerts drivers to the presence of cyclists on the road. And it does it in two ways, a visual one with the signal of 45 km/h in the back of the maillot and another one throwing signals that are recognized by the detection systems of signals of the vehicle.

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Great Female Graphic Designers of History

Great Female Graphic Designers of History

A guide of the great female graphic designers of our time: their stories, works and designs.

In Telling, advertising agency we like to remember and honor the great artists of our profession. We have analyzed the history of the great graphic designers of history, as well as great typographers such as Adrian Frutiger or animators such as Hayao Miyazaki.

But … what about women? All these personalities come from a time when male domination was palpable at all levels. An era where graphic designers did better than men but did not even have the space evenly distributed. The men had large offices with windows and they had to work in cubicles.

In the Telling advertising agency we have started a series of reports about the great graphic designers of history. We will meet Susan Kare, Deborah Sussman, Paula Scher, April Greiman and many more that we will update with the passage of time. A tribute to women who marked a before and after in the world of graphic design, advertising and marketing. Then we leave the links to know all the stories of the great graphic designers.

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Discover the fonts of the most famous brands with Logofonts

Tipografías de los logotipos más famosos

Logofonts is a project that lets us know what are the typographies of the brands in their logos.

The large multinationals devote many resources to caring for their brand image. Times evolve and logos must be adapted to new technologies.

But company’s brand image is so present and remembered that it makes us forget how it is built. Know how their elements have been made, and what is their typography. Now this project allows us to know what are the fonts of the most famous brands.

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“Songwriters Fonts”, fonts based on the calligraphy of famous artists

Songwriters Fonts

Songwriters Fonts, fonts based on the calligraphy of famous artists like Kurt Cobain, David Bowie or John Lennon.

We’ve loved this project entitled “Songwriters Fonts”, fonts based on the calligraphy of famous artists. Made by French designers Nicolas Damiens and Julien Sens, the fonts can be downloaded from their website.

They have made a meticulous process analyzing hundreds of handwritten notes of the most famous artists to develop a similar typeface. At the moment there are fonts with the calligraphy of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, John Lenon, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg.

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Most famous sitcoms reimagined in a 8bit animated versions

Cabeceras de series en 8bits

Warner Bros sitcoms reimagined in a 8 bit animated versions.

In the telling advertising agency we are passionate about pixel art and everything related to the 80s and 90s. There are many references that we find in the design world at that time, from 8-bit movie posters and Lego pixelart advertising campaigns.

For the premiere of “Ready Player One”, Warner Bros honors the era in which the film is inspired. For this he has versioned the headers of the most popular series in 8 bits.

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