“The Dissolving Poster”, the poster that kills the larvae of mosquitoes

The NGO Habitat for Humanity has created “The Dissolving Poster” a poster that kills the larvae of mosquitoes in Brazil.

We love when creativity and innovation help overcome endemic problems. This is the case of the NGO Habitat for Humanity that make this action in Brazil to fight against the diseases produced by the mosquitoes. “The Dissolving Poster” helps in the fight against Zika or Dengue in the worst fabelas of Brazil.

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“The Vegetable Name Change”, from Delhaize supermarkets

Delhaize supermakets change the vegetable names so the kids can like it.

We like advertising for actions like this. When it seemed to be all said and written, new ad campaigns arrive to amaze you again. This is the case of the action created by the Delhaize supermarkets in Belgium for children to eat more vegetables.

nd for parents, getting children to eat vegetables is not an easy task. Many experts try each year to find new ways so that it is not so traumatic for them to eat vegetables. Only 30% of children make the recommended daily intake. Now the Delhaize supermarkets contribute to the cause with the campaign “The Vegetables Name Change” and their “Magic Veggies”.

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“Shortcut Billboards” an original Mini’s outdoor ad campaign in Berlin

“Shortcut Billboards” is an original Mini’s outdoor ad campaign in Berlin that gives you a shortcut on the way.

We’ve loved the outdoor advertising campaign that Mini has made in Berlin, Germany. An initiative to demonstrate the benefits of Mini Connected, the new onboard system of German’s brand cars.

Mini Connected is a system incorporated into vehicles that provides drivers with real-time traffic information. This allows you to recalculate the route to get to the destination faster, thus avoiding the most congested roads. And, to publicize this new feature, Mini has made an outdoor advertising campaign that helps you get to your destination faster even if you’re walking.

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“Delayed Flight Break Machine” gives you free Kit Kat chocolates

“Delayed Flight Break Machine” is a Kit Kat vending machine that gives you free chocolates.

We’ve loved this Kit Kat ad at the Congonhas airport, in São Paulo (Brazil). A machine that offers Kit Kat for free if your flight is delayed. An advertising campaign that recovers vending machines as the central part of an ad campaign.

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“Read Something Better”, a great ad campaign from Black Button Books

Read Somethin Better - Black Button Books

The Black Button Books publishing house has launched “Read Something Better”, a campaign to recommend us to read better.

We like the advertising campaigns carried out by the publishers. They tend to be fresh, original and fun like this ads of Black Button Books in Romania.

Entitled “Read Something Better”, the campaign wants to highlight the value we actually get from the hours spent on social networks. The Europeans spend two hours a day on social networks, a precious time that hardly adds value to us.

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The world’s most boring billboard

The world’s most boring billboard are in Malmö, Sweden.

In the telling advertising agency we love outdoor advertising. Whether advertising billboards, interactive opis or bus shelters. Outdoor advertising gives us a capacity for interaction with the public and an ability to surprise that is hardly equal to other media.

And we love it because even after so much time it still surprises us. As is the case today, where we will show you the most boring advertising fence in the world.

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The Sweat Sponsorship, from Omo Sports for Corinthians

The Sweat Sponsorship is an original Corinthians shirt from Omo Sports.

Sports sponsorship is one of the areas where brands strive to excel. There are many sports where we see original sponsorship proposals: Formula 1, NBA, Nascar or Football. The brands want to amortize to the maximum their appearance in the media at prime time.

Today we show you the action that Omo Sports has done in Brazil. One of the most original sports sponsorship actions we have seen. Omo Sports is one of the leading brands in the detergent sector. The brand wants to strengthen its presence among the sports public of the country and to achieve it, it has devised this original proposal.

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Great Females Graphic Designers: April Greiman

Great Female Graphic Designers: April Greiman

We review the history of April Greiman, a pioneer of computer graphic design in the late 70s.

In the telling advertising agency we are passionate about knowing the history of the great female graphic designers of history. They are personalities that greatly influenced the vision we have today of advertising. Artists such as Susan Kare, Paula Scher or Deborah Sussman have contributed to the world of graphic design starting from a time when women were a minority. Many were contemporaries and had collaborated with big names in the industry such as Paul Rand, Walter Landor or Chermayeff.

Today we are going to review the life of April Greiman, pioneer American designer of Graphic Design by computer at the end of the 70s.

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Michelin’s Brake Beat, a new musical style to saves lives

Michelin’s Brake Beat it’s an initiative that proposes a new musical style to saves lives

Brake Beat is an original initiative of Michelin. Through a new musical style, it aims to avoid many accidents on the road. A new action included in “Trendy Drivers” project with which the French brand seeks to raise awareness among drivers.

The three-second rule is a technique to control the safety distance with the vehicle in front of us. Try to observe a reference point on the road like a tree or a road sign.When the front car passes by, you must count to three. If you go through the same reference object before that time, it means that you go too fast and you must reduce the speed.

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“Magic”, a romantic story in the last Cornetto ad

Cornetto ad: Magic

The last Cornetto ad invites us not to complicate our lives if we want to meet someone special.

The Cornetto ad entitled “Magic” presents a romantic love story in an high school. And invites us not to complicate our lives if we want to meet that person we like.

How many times have we tried to impress the girl/boy that we like? How many random encounters have we caused and how many empty phrases have we exchanged with that person we liked in high school?

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