#Wanitabesi, a powerful Pantene’s advertising campaign

The advertising campaign of Pantene talks about women who achieve what they propose despite the difficulties.

We loved the latest Pantene’s advertising campaign. One of the ads of the year, without a doubt. In it they tell us about the difficulties that all women have to achieve what they propose.

It’s been a long time since Pantene delighted us with an ad with these characteristics. And at that time, Dove’s ads were able to capture very well the essence of “real” women and the problems of society to delight us with brilliant advertising campaigns.

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Audi’s ad celebrates that women can drive in Saudi Arabia

“It’s time to open new doors” is the Audi’s ad that celebrates that women can drive in Saudi Arabia.

June 24 was a historic day in Saudi Arabia. For the first time women could get their driver’s license. From now on, it will not be illegal for women to drive around the country. A prohibition that existed since the 50s and that everyone has received with joy. And of course, car brands are already very happy with this goal.

Yes, it may seem very ridiculous that it is ILLEGAL for a woman to drive. Any advance towards a more equal society is to be grateful. Although they are thousands of years away from European societies and especially the Nordic ones.

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Superhero Parents, a Delta’s viral campaign

Superhero Parents is Delta’s viral campaign to make children believe that their parents are superheroes.

We like this viral campaign from Delta called “Superhero Parents”. They have taken for granted the fact that children believe that their parents are superheroes and have made them believe that it is so.

Delta is a brand of Israeli clothing for children very popular in the Hebrew country. And for their latest advertising campaign they have decided to conduct a viral campaign using the hidden camera. A technique that has given such good results in other viral campaigns such as Spider-man.

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“Alphabet of Summer”, the colorful advertising campaign of Havaianas

The advertising campaign of Havaianas captures the essence of Brazil with “The Alphabet of Summer.

Havaianas advertising campaigns are always cheerful and colorful. The famous flip flops are a classic for summer and the company tries to capture those moments of beach and joy with friends.

For their latest advertising campaign they have proposed to explain to the world the spirit of Brazil. But Brazil is so rich and full of nuances that it is impossible to describe it only with an image or a word.

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“Heart of a Lion”, impressionnant Gatorade’s ad with Leo Messi

“Heart of a Lio” explains the story of Leo Messi until the World Cup in Russia.

In the “telling” advertising agency telling we love the advertising that Gatorade does. They are finding their voice in a very competitive sector such as sponsorships and sports drinks. We remember the fantastic motivational ad with Serena Williams or that impressive figure made with water drops.

Now they surprise us with this ad to explain the story of Leo Messi before arriving at the World Cup in Russia.

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A McDonald’s ad proposes you to see the World Cup with your boss

“The President” is the new McDonald’s ad that proposes you to watch the World Cup with your boss.

The World Cup begins and the brands are launching all their ads. In “Telling” advertising we will filter the best advertising campaigns to show them to you. This is the case of McDonald’s latest advertising campaign entitled “The President”.

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The original Västtrafik graphic ad that will surprise you

Anuncio Gráfico de Vasttrafik

The graphic ad of Västtrafik is a poster that folds over itself to give you an alternative vision to what you are seeing.

Not everything is lost in the world of advertising and graphic design. There is hope after seeing the original graphic advertisement of Västtrafik, the public transport of Gothenburg (Sweden).

In the middle of the era of audiovisual communication, the great ads made on paper have been giving way to ephemeral campaigns cut by the same pattern.
It is the price to pay, the tyranny of social networks and the immediate. Few remember when graphic advertisements were made that played with space to surprise the consumer. That’s why we’ve loved Västtrafik’s latest advertising campaign.

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VW Beer, a Volkswagen beer special for drivers

VW Beer is the special Volkswagen beer to avoid drinking alcohol while driving.

There are many car brands that carry out awareness campaigns on the use of alcohol while driving. The surprising thing is that a brand creates a special beer … for drivers. This is VW Beer, the special Volkswagen beer to avoid drinking alcohol at the wheel.

And is that for the first time in history, a car company makes a beer. An especial 0.0% alcohol content so you can have a drink and so be able to take the car quietly and take your friends.

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The spectacular cover of Time magazine made with Drones

This is how the spectacular cover of Time magazine made with Drones was created.

The covers of Time magazine do not leave anyone indifferent. They mix criticism and news, vindicating journalism as a tool for analysis. The White House merged with the Kremlin or Donald Trump screaming with his hair on fire. A man pricking heroin or the image of the decaying American flag. The covers of Time magazine are pure art.

One more sample is the cover recreated with 958 Drones. For this they collaborated with the Intel “Drone Light Show” team, the same ones who created the opening ceremony of the Pyongyang Winter Olympics and participated in the SuperBowl show of 2017.

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