The hilarious ad from Three : “Phones Are Good”

“Phones Are Good” is the new ad from Three in defense of smartphones.

Since the emergence of smartphones that distant 2007 with the presentation of the first iPhone by Steve Jobs, critical voices with these devices have not done more than grow. Obviously it is not the device itself, but the numerous apps and the use that we as a society make of them. For a long time, in telling advertising agency we talked about the paradigm shift in communication thanks to the appearance of these pocket computers. It is not better or worse; simply, it is different. Resisting change is a lost battle.

Under this premise is presented the new ad from Three, the mobile operator comes out in defense of smartphones with the #phonesaregood campaign.

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The original graphic campaign of BMW: “Time Matters”

Gráfica de BMW: Time Matters

“Time Matters” is a graphic campaign of BMW to present its app.

We love them when brands opt for graphic campaigns. In an era whith trend and viral campaigns, we celebrate the use of advertising campaigns based on graphics, photography and copy. At the end whe recover the essence and the origins of advertising.

That’s why we loved the graphic campaign of BMW to present its new app for smartphones. “Time Matters” is the title of the ads that, under the motto “Never be late again” proposes a series of historical photographs that play with the concept of “What if …”. In them we see the apple of Adam and Eve, the first man to reach the moon and the goal of Maradona’s hand god in the World Cup in Mexico 86.

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The powerful ad of Nike in Mexico: “Juntas Imparables”

The last ad of Nike in Mexico puts the feminist struggle in Mexico at the forefront.

For a long time, brands have stopped advertising the benefits of their product. Now the brands make advertising campaigns more vindicating to champion certain struggles against the imposed status. Clear examples are the latest advertising campaign of Pantene or the vindictive campaigns of Procter & Gamble as well as the last spot of the Erotic Festival of Barcelona.

One of these brands is Nike, which has a 2018 full of protest ads, such as the last advertising campaign in Mexico: “Unstoppable Meetings”.

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“Sans Forgetica”, the typography that helps you improve memory

“Sans Forgetica” is a typeface designed by the University of Melbourne to improve memory.

Surely it will have happened to all of us while we study. The lack of interest and fatigue took our toll and made us not retain the texts we read. As a result, we did not remember them and we had problems when taking the exams.

A problem they have wanted to solve at the University of Melbourne. A team of researchers from the RMIT in Melbourne have created a typeface that they say could end school failure and lack of memory. The typeface is called “Sans Forgetica”.

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“Dream Gap”: Barbie wants to end gender inequality

“Dream Gap” by Barbie is a project that wants to end gender inequality from a young age.

We like the turn that Mattel is making to its communication regarding its most popular brand: Barbie. She has listened to all those voices that criticized the promotion of inequality to establish themselves as standard-bearers of the feminist movement.

Now, to celebrate the International Day of the Girl, they have launched a new global advertising campaign. A project for us to reflect on the education we give our children and encourage respect for them.

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The original EasyJet advertising billboard that is reflected in the water

Valla de publicidad de Easy Jet

This original EasyJet advertising billboard placed in Bordeaux is reflected in the water.

Normally, airlines usually invest in large outdoor advertising campaigns. A very versatile medium that can reach a large number of people and also allows you to make good creatives. In the telling advertising agency, we have talked a lot about outdoor advertising as well as showing some of the great ideas brands come up with.

Now we have another example in Bordeaux. The second largest city in France is one of the country’s mandatory tourist destinations. “La Place de la Bourse”, its fountains, its fog and of course, its wines are more than enough attractions to visit the city.

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McDonald’s advertising campaign to awareness about dyslexia

The last McDonald’s advertising campaign in Sweden wants to awareness about the dyslexia.

It is to admire the commitment of the big brands to take advantage of any celebration to carry out communication campaigns. In this, both McDonald’s and Burger King are experts. Now, to commemorate the world day of dyslexia, McDonald’s has wanted to contribute its bit to awareness of this learning disorder. This disorder affects about 20% of the world’s population, and is rarely mentioned in the media.

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Toxic Toby, the teddy bear that warns of high levels of pollution

Toxic Toby is the teddy bear that warns you of high levels of pollution in London.

The great European capitals suffer from the same evil: Pollution. A problem that concerns us all and that it is a priority to eradicate. Movements are being made in some cities such as limiting traffic in certain areas or prohibiting the movement of certain vehicles.

Still, it is not enough to fight an evil that kills more than 9,400 inhabitants each year. Right, is the “silent killer”, responsible for so many deaths in London. To make this problem visible and to raise awareness among the population, they have created “Toxic Toby”, a teddy bear that warns you if pollution levels reach dangerous levels.

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