Heineken’s commercial shows us the reality behind the video calls

Anuncio de Heineken | Connections

Heineken’s commercial during the pandemic shows us the reality behind the video calls.

The majority of ads launched during the Covid19 pandemic resemble each other. The duration of the quarantine, but, has managed to get the creatives to put themselves together to offer small original stories full of humanity. This is the case of the Nivea ad #ShareTheCare, the optimistic Coca-Cola ad or the motivating Nike commercial to come back in a big way.

This time, Heineken has chosen to bring a little humor to all the situations we are experiencing. And video calls have become an essential part of this confinement. With “Connections”, the Dutch multinational gives us a smile with absurd situations during calls.

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Nike’s motivating commercial encourages us to come back like champions

Anuncio de Nike | Never Too Far Down

“Never too far down” is Nike’s motivating commercial that encourages us to come back like champions.

As confinement from the pandemic is becoming more and more widespread, brands have been polishing their advertising campaigns. In the beginning, the Covid19 commercials had a very marked pattern and they all looked the same. As time has progressed, creatives have been able to evolve the messages they wanted to deliver.

So we have not come across authentic advertising gems such as the Bankinter ad, Coca-Cola’s ode to hope or the inspiring Nivea ad. Advertising campaigns according to the style and voice of each brand. These are joined today by Nike’s inspiring “Never too far down” advert, which encourages us to come back after these moments of personal and planetary crisis.

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The history of Kit Kat slogan “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”

Story of Kit Kat slogan

Kit Kat slogan has been with us for over 80 years. Know the story of one of the most famous slogans in advertising history.

In the world of advertising and marketing, there are brands that have been faithful to its principles since its fondation. We are talking about centuries-old brands that are iconic. We always think of the same companies: Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, Absolute or Audi, the “Hall of fame” of advertising. But there is a slogan that has always been with us, and that is older than the any other in the world. We talk about Kit Kat slogan: “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”. A slogan for a chocolates brand founded in 1957 in York (United Kingdom).

After learning the story behind the Nike slogan and the history of the Adidas logo, today we will review the story of Kit Kat’s slogan.

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Nivea’s commercial encourages us to make small acts of care

Anuncio de Nivea | Small Acts of Care  make big difference

Nivea’s commercial encourages us to make small acts of care with “Small Acts of Care make a Big Difference”.

Despite the fact that the majority of advertising campaigns related to Covid19 are similar to each other, there are usually surprising exceptions. One of them is the Bankinter commercial, which surprised many with its original staging. The other is the Coca-Cola ad dedicated to humanity; “For The Human Race” has wanted to send a message of hope to all of us.

Today we could consider adding another great advertising campaign to the podium of the best campaigns on the Covid19. Nivea and  “Small Acts of Care make a Big Difference” have enough merits to be considered one of them.

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Lego’s commercial is an emotive history of childhood: “Little Pirate”

Anuncio de Lego | Little Pirate

Latest Lego’s commercial presents his latest product with an endearing story about childhood with “Little Pirate”.

Lego’s marketing and advertising strategy is somewhat peculiar. He has focused all his efforts on alternative channels to advertising, focusing on Social Media or YouTube channels. It has been 30 years without launching a single brand ad until it launched “Rebuild the World” in 2019. And thanks to everything it is still a strong brand that does not go out of style.

Now, to promote their latest product “Pirates of Barracuda” they bring us an endearing story about childhood and the child we all carry inside.

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Coca-Cola’s “For the Human Race” advert is a call to hope

For the human race | Coca-Cola

“For the human race” is the Coca-Cola ad full of positivity and appreciation for Covid19

With the arrival of Covid19, many brands had to reinvent their advertising campaigns. Coca-Cola instead decided to pause all its advertising to focus on “do, not say” and help fight the coronavirus. After a few weeks of silence, the brand surprised everyone with the launch of two campaigns full of optimism.

The first is a reinterpretation of his classic “For everyone”, changing the message for one related to the pandemic. And now it has launched the second, inspired by one of its most emblematic campaigns: “For reasons to believe”, which was launched due to the 2008 crisis. A campaign that is on par with the Bankinter commercial and that they are fighting to be the best Covid-related advertising campaign19.

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