The last Absolut commercial strips its workers naked

Absolut’s commercial entitled “Nothing to hide” strips the workers of the Swedish Vodka.

Absolut’s latest campaign bares its workers to show they have nothing to hide. The Swedish brand is throwing all the meat in the spit with its global campaign entitled “Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight.”

Due to this campaign, a first piece was made with an impressive spot dedicated to ideas entitled “One night”. Now they continue with “Nothing to Hide”, a campaign where the employees of the brand literally get naked to explain the process of making the popular vodka.

With this campaign, Absolut teaches us the production process in an exercise of transparency and sustainability. The protagonists are the same workers of the brand that teach us day to day in the factory.

So the campaign wants to represent its transparent production process with the nakedness of the employees. Under the motto “The vodka with nothing to hide” the brand shows us its way towards a more sustainable world.

Craig Johnson, Vice President of Global Marketing at Absolut, explains “Absolut has always believed in using its voice to promote change, and we are proud to bet on sustainability and transparency in our industry. Now it’s more important than ever for our clients to know that we have nothing to hide. “

Vodka commercial: One Night

Spot de Absolut - One Night

Absolut advertising campaign

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