The hilarious ad from Three : “Phones Are Good”

“Phones Are Good” is the new ad from Three in defense of smartphones.

Since the emergence of smartphones that distant 2007 with the presentation of the first iPhone by Steve Jobs, critical voices with these devices have not done more than grow. Obviously it is not the device itself, but the numerous apps and the use that we as a society make of them. For a long time, in telling advertising agency we talked about the paradigm shift in communication thanks to the appearance of these pocket computers. It is not better or worse; simply, it is different. Resisting change is a lost battle.

Under this premise is presented the new ad from Three, the mobile operator comes out in defense of smartphones with the #phonesaregood campaign.

And we really like complaining. In a time when facilities thanks to smartphones are evident, those who resist change only remain in evidence before the reality of society. Given all this negativity, the operator Three shows us in a hilarious ad that smartphones help us in many of the small moments of our lives and, if they had existed long ago, everything would be different.

Order food at home, find a sentimental partner, buy clothes from the sofa, … all are facilities that did not exist before. And, in the end, smartphones are not as bad as they are painted.

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