Spot de Audio Hombre Invisible

A funny ad of Audi presenting his autonomous driving system

The invisible man star the funny ad of Audi to present his autonomous driving system: Audi Piloted Driving.

The new advertising campaign of the German brand presents us to the invisible man. The main character of J.B. Johnson is the protagonist of the last ad of Audi that has been created for the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Represented as a retired actor, the invisible man gives us a review of his career, remembering films and anecdotes. One of the things that most regrets is not having starred in a movie car. That’s when we present Audi’s new autonomous driving system: The Audi Piloted Driving.

Ad of Audi: Invisible Man

A good advertising campaign complemented by posters, banners and advertising in the press. In addition Audi has started a contest where fans can win tickets for the festival if they guess the 7 references to the movie that hides the video.

Via | Reason Why

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