Spot de Jose Cuervo

‘Last Days’, the funny ad of Jose Cuervo and the end of the world

The last ad of Jose Cuervo is an apocalyptic story about the end of the world and our last actions on it.

The ad of Jose Cuervo it’s a funny history about the end of the world. And what would you do if the world were to end right now? Surely enjoy -to say something- at that very moment, with the people you would have around you.

It is the premise of the fun ad of Jose Cuervo titled ‘Last Days’, part of the advertising campaign ‘Tomorrow is Overrated’ of the brand of Mexican tequilas.

ad of Jose Cuervo

With impeccable cinematic style based on Hollywood’s catastrophic films like Deep Impact or San Andreas, the action takes place at the Charlie’s bar, a typical road bar on the way to Mexico in the middle of the desert as the end of the world begins.

When everyone starts fleeing in terror, a customer approaches the jukebox to play “It’s now or never” by Elvis Presley and start dancing. Resigned with their fatal destiny, the other clients start to dance with him. And is that if the end of the world has to come, better to get us party.


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