‘The Swap’ it’s a funny advertising campaign from Dacia

‘The Swap’ is the funny advertising campaign from Dacia that exchanges Udinese fan jobs with its football players.

The Dacia car brand has been sponsoring Udinese, a Serie A Italian football team for over 4 years. In this time he has carried out numerous marketing actions to associate his brand with the football team and his fans.

For their last advertising campaign they make a funny action titled ‘The Swap’ where Udinese players who did not play the match on sunday exchanged their position with a fan who could not attend the match because his work.

Campaña de Publicidad de Dacia - The Swap

This is how a proposal began that led more than 5,000 people from all over Italy to join the draw that Dacia organized for the campaign. After a two-month casting, the brand chose 6 workers to carry out the advertising campaign. All of them with the same common denominator: their passion for Udinese and their inability to attend the matches because of their work.

We see different examples such as a pizza chef, bricklayers, a janitor, a restaurateur, a craftsman and an oenologist who were able to attend the Udinese-Juventus game played at the Stadio Friuli in Údine.

And who occupied their jobs while they watched the game? Players like Davide Faraoni, Davi Monederos o Simone go to fan’s work to do his job. Obviously the change was not real (the players played the game) but it was recorded in previous weeks and was broadcast before and during the rest of the game. The winners of ‘The Swap’ could enjoy the match at the front line.

Via | Le Corriere dello Sport

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