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An inspiring advertising from University of Phoenix: We Can Do It

The advertising from University of Phoenix titled ‘We Can Do It’ it’s an inspiring story about a mother and her job.

Advertising campaigns of academic institutions such as universities or schools do not usually lavish much. And the ones that are made are usually boring and monotonous information campaigns.

That’s why surprised us the latest advertising from the University of Phoenix. To promote their full range of possibilities to study in it, have made this inspiring advertising.

Advertising from the University of Phoenix

In an animated short of Pixar-style animation, we present a story with a very careful Storytelling that tells us about the reinvention that we must do in certain moments to evolve and not stay stuck in life.

The advertising from the University of Phoenix is titled ‘We Can Do It’ and shows us a single mother who loses her job in a factory because of automation.Far from sinking, the protagonist goes back to studying distance to become a new place in the labor market.

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