America the Beautiful | Dove

“America the Beautiful” is Dove’s allegation against racism

America the Beautiful | Dove

Dove’s announcement is an allegation against racism in the United States

George Floyd’s death continues to resonate strongly in society. The brands have raised their voices and show their full support to those who are suffering racism anywhere on the planet. Brands like Nike, P&G o McDonald’s have already shown their vision of the subject and now Dove is joined by a beautiful advertisement.

Beauty brands are the ones that are making themselves heard the most. And it is understandable, their business is based on the care of the skin of all beings on the planet regardless of the color of their skin, so they are fed up with a subject that has been out of date for too long. Society is changing, brands change with it.

“America the Beautiful” is Dove’s allegation against racism. The advertising campaign shows us a series of powerful inspiring images of the protests over the death of George Floyd. It is a reminder that we must continue to push to stop racism in our society.

According to Esi Eggleston of Unilever: “Dove is committed to taking action and helping to bring about change because the United States will not be beautiful until it is beautiful for everyone, including African Americans.”

Along with the “America the Beautiful” campaign, Dove launches the Crown fund to donate $ 5 million to create programs that help the black community. This program will evolve Dove’s self-esteem project to address race-based issues.

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