Emotivo anuncio animados

The animated advert about the oceans: “The penguin and the whale”

Emotivo anuncio animado | The Penguin and the Whale

“The Penguin and the Whale” is a moving animated ad created by the United Nations and Tencent.

At the telling advertising agency we love animated advertising campaigns. They are pieces of extreme beauty that last over time and give the brand a premium quality. To the tremendous list we made of the best animated ads, you could very probably be joined by this one created by the United Nations for Youth Day.

The Decade of Action begins to achieve the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) included in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. A call to end poverty and protect the planet. For this they have created this beautiful short entitled “The penguin and the whale”.

The emotional ad has been created by Stink Studios in Shanghai and launched on the occasion of Youth Day. The advertising campaign has been created for the UN and Tencent, the Chinese multinational internet services company.

The idea was to show that global warming and marine pollution are imminent challenges. To do this, they tell the story of friendship between a penguin and a whale who see the world’s glaciers disappear.

The ad has gone viral in China, getting more than 40 million views and getting 3 million young people to participate in the event organized by the UN.

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