Anuncio de GAA "Where we all belong"

The emotional GAA commercial “Where We All Belong”

The emotional GAA commercial is a tribute to those people who give everything without expecting anything in return.

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is one of the largest sports organizations in Ireland. It is a community-based organization run by volunteers for more than 100 years, when it was founded in 1884. Promotes Gaelic games such as Hurling, Soccer, Handball and Rounders. Their work is essential in Irish society and this is not understood without the GAA. It also promotes the Ladies Football and Camogie.

Now they have launched an advertising campaign to celebrate that we all have a place that belongs to us. “Where We All Belong” is a tribute to all the volunteers that make the day to day of the GAA possible with all its components.

It will not be difficult for us to identify certain people and behaviors. They are common in many sports clubs in our country. GAA conmercial pays tribute to those people who have spent their entire lives watching so that our boys and girls can do what they like best.

Members, administrators, coaches, mentors, delegates, material managers and a lot of other volunteers who have been part of our day to day, have their little tribute in the GAA commercial.

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