Divertido anuncio de Apple | Over Sharing

Apple’s funny advert about privacy: “Over Sharing”

Divertido anuncio de Apple | Over Sharing

The funny Apple advert repeats tone and theme in its commitment to privacy.

One of the hallmarks of the multinational has always been its commitment to the privacy of its products. It is one of the topics that most concerns users and that has caused the most controversy in these latest data due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and its sale of information.

Apple’s operating systems and its products are designed to protect user data, and it never tires of repeating that it does not market such information. Everything that happens on our device stays on it.

And since the whole issue of data privacy is a nuisance for users, Apple has decided to explain it in a humorous way as it did with “Private Side”.

“Over Sharing” is the fun Apple ad that represents how it would be for all our tastes to be made public. So the protagonists shout to everyone all the information they have: The heart rate they have, leaving a coworker badly, the search for divorce lawyers or a result of a pregnancy test.

The campaign has been directed by TBWA / Media Art Lab with which Apple intends to continue communicating privacy as one of the pillars of its devices.

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