The action of BrewDog to prevent you from driving drunk

#ThrowBackCrash is the action of BrewDog to prevent you from taking the car when you have drunk.

The campaigns against alcohol and driving have always been impressive. The ads of the general direction of traffic have tended to the drama when reminding us that if we drink, we must not drive. But also car brands, aware of the problem, have carried out original campaigns to prevent you from driving drunk. Volkswagen, for example, launched a special 0,0 beer for those who must drive.

But the problem remains in many countries, one is Brazil. To raise awareness among Brazilians, BrewDog beer brand has made an original action during the carnival in Sao Paulo.

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Jeep Offline Site, the web that helps you if you lose your connection

Jeep Offline Site is a web page with basic tips that you can access if you do not have a connection.

Plan a holiday in the mountains away from all the bustle of the city, you want to escape a weekend with the family or just go out one afternoon to look for mushrooms in any wooded area. You use your mobile to know where you are and how to get back and you have no connection. Surely it has happened to all of us.

Now imagine a more extreme situation, you are camping and you have the need to do the shop, cut wood or make a fire before the night falls. Obviously, i do not know what you do in the middle of nowhere if you do not know the basic principles of survival Jeep has made a website for these delicate moments. A website that can be accessed even if you do not have a connection: the Jeep Offline Site.

Jeep Brazil, honoring its adventurous spirit has developed an offline website for those who trust everything to YouTube tutorials and if they are offline. This website has basic survival tips, step by step guides where you can make a bonfire, set up a shop, make knives and other survival tools.

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Burger King’s dogper, a bone for dogs with a grill flavor

Burger King’s dogper is a bone for dogs with a grill flavor thats allows you to eat without being disturbed.

Those who have a dog as a pet, will know how complicated it is to sit down to eat without being bothered asking for food. You will seldom be able to resist if you are embarrassed to share a piece of your menu.

The results of a study conducted by the brand are clear: More than 500 people says that 65% of pets ask for something to eat when you receive food at home, and half of the owners satisfy the animal.

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38 useful shortcuts for Photoshop

Useful Shortcuts for Photoshop

A fantastic visual guide with 38 useful shortcuts for Photoshop that will facilitate your workflow.

Today we want to share with you a fantastic visual guide. There are 38 useful shortcuts for Photoshop that will make your work easier. And is that the popular program created more than 25 years ago by Thomas Knoll allows us to use the keyboard shortcuts to streamline our work.

Keyboard shortcuts allow professionals in the design and video editing world to quickly move into graphic content creation. Once you get used to the difference between working with them and it is not practically abysmal.

As the number of keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop is huge; We bring you a guide with the 38 useful shortcuts for Photoshop. They have created it in to help you improve your workflow.

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Movistar Speed Control, get free Gigabytes respecting the speed limit

Movistar Speed Control is an app that gives you free Gigabytes if you respect the speed limit in Peru.

In Lima, Peru, 30% of traffic accidents are for speeding. To raise awareness, Movistar Peru launched an original campaign entitled ‘Speed Control’ in which an app rewarded those drivers who respected the speed limit.

A Study made from Movistar found that during the summer on the southern beaches, most of the accidents due to speeding. Long roads incite to run to arrive at your destination before.

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Ticket to Ride from Easy Taxi: Turn your traffic tickets into free travels

Ticket to Ride from Easy Taxi turns your traffic tickets into free travels through the app.

Since the irruption of the apps, the world of taxis has changed and the way to interact with the customer, too. There are many apps that allow you in any country to ask for a taxi without calling anyone like you used to. To that we add the Big Data that is generated with historical of expenses, kilometers crossed or times that the service has been used.

Companies like Uber have taken this advantage a step further allowing -not without much controversy- turning driving users into taxi drivers. The Uber app is the example to be followed by the competition and all those applications for smaller smartphones.

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Ford designs a Baby Crib to sleep your children

Ford designs a baby crib that simulates the movement of a car to sleep your children in the case they can’t do it.

Yes, you hear it well. Ford, the company that makes cars, has crated a baby crib that simulates the movement of car to sleep any children. An idea that does not let an attempt to generate viral and repercussion on the internet by the Social Media department of the multinational but we liked it so much that we want to share it with you.

The baby crib name ‘Ford Max Motors Dreams’ has a built-in vibration that simulates the driving of a car. The one that children like so much when they can’t sleep.

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Little Chorti, the App to keep parents from driving fast

Little Chorti is an App that monitors speed and prevents parents from driving fast.

Every year more than 1,500 people die driving in Tunisia, being the country of the world that more deaths suffer by accident. A number that worries the authorities, who have decided to do something about it and in a very original way.

Instead of parents care for their children, have invented a solution that does the opposite: An app called Little Chorti, the Guardian Angel app.

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