“Heart of a Lion”, impressionnant Gatorade’s ad with Leo Messi

“Heart of a Lio” explains the story of Leo Messi until the World Cup in Russia.

In the “telling” advertising agency telling we love the advertising that Gatorade does. They are finding their voice in a very competitive sector such as sponsorships and sports drinks. We remember the fantastic motivational ad with Serena Williams or that impressive figure made with water drops.

Now they surprise us with this ad to explain the story of Leo Messi before arriving at the World Cup in Russia.

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Most famous sitcoms reimagined in a 8bit animated versions

Cabeceras de series en 8bits

Warner Bros sitcoms reimagined in a 8 bit animated versions.

In the telling advertising agency we are passionate about pixel art and everything related to the 80s and 90s. There are many references that we find in the design world at that time, from 8-bit movie posters and Lego pixelart advertising campaigns.

For the premiere of “Ready Player One”, Warner Bros honors the era in which the film is inspired. For this he has versioned the headers of the most popular series in 8 bits.

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The best Free Photo Stock sites

Best Free Photo Stock Sites

A list with the best free photo stock sites where to find images and illustrations for your projects.

In an age where content is king, using a good image can make the difference between whether they notice you or not. A good image captures the attention and interest of the user and considerably increases the number of visits and their viral effect on social networks. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and is processed 60,000 times faster than the text.

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Pop Culture Typography, a mashup of pop culture fonts

Pop Culture Typography is a mashup with the pop culture fonts of the last 30 years.

Pop Culture Typography is a project by graphic artist Isaac More. The project summarizes in little more than 200 seconds three decades of typographic styles of pop culture.

The typography surrounds us in every moment of our life. In the packaging of products, walking down the street, reading a magazine, opening a computer or of course in movies, series and video games. And behind a product for a large audience, there is a large number of hours designed to create the image for that product. The fonts used in movies and large productions contain a meticulous work. They do it as an integral part of the project, so that they can be remembered over time.

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The spectacular animation of the BBC for the Olympic Games

The spectacular animation of the BBC Sport for the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

The Olympic Games arrive and the sponsoring brands begin to release their advertising campaigns. They do not usually have the same reputation as the Olympic Games but the world of winter sports moves audiences that interest big brands. P&G has already made another of its spectacular campaigns with “Thank You, Mom” and brands are starting to release their advertising campaigns.

One of them is BBC Sport; they have created a spectacular animation to publicize the broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

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An inspiring advertising from University of Phoenix: We Can Do It

The advertising from University of Phoenix titled ‘We Can Do It’ it’s an inspiring story about a mother and her job.

Advertising campaigns of academic institutions such as universities or schools do not usually lavish much. And the ones that are made are usually boring and monotonous information campaigns.

That’s why surprised us the latest advertising from the University of Phoenix. To promote their full range of possibilities to study in it, have made this inspiring advertising.

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