BBC quema valla de publicidad

BBC burns billboard to promote “A Perfect Planet”

BBC quema valla de publicidad

The BBC burns a billboard within its advertising campaign to promote the program “A Perfect Planet”

Now we hadn’t talked about an original outdoor advertising campaign for a long time. Traditionally it is a medium that grants many creative freedoms, and has been used assiduously by brands such as McDonald’s, Ikea or Burger King.

Today we see the example of how the BBC burns a billboard to promote one of its programs. And is that the British chain has not hesitated to use outdoor advertising to announce its most applauded programs. He did it in his day with “Dracula”, whose silhouette was only seen when the sun fell, or the promotion of “His Dark Materials” in which a polar bear “breathed” for real.

Now, to promote its latest program “A Perfect Planet” the BBC is burning a billboard. The promotional campaign consisted of two phases; the first when the series premiered, they put up billboards with simple designs and different species of animals.

The second, to promote the end of the season, in which they burned the fences to show how humans have the potential to destroy everything. In this last phase, the design was complemented by a message: “A Perfect Planet, But How Long?”

But the point is, it wasn’t real fire. A combination of lights and water vapor achieved a realistic effect that caught the attention of everyone who passed by.

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