Here you will find the best Christmas ads of 2019!

In the advertising agency telling we love Christmas campaigns. The brands put all the meat in the grill to try to touch the fiber on these dates.

Thus, the big brands delight us with all kinds of Christmas stories to leave us speechless.

If you love Christmas ads, this is your site.

The ET commercial coming home for Christmas revolutionizes networks

The ET commercial returning home for Christmas revolutionizes social networks.

It’s here. The best commercial of this Christmas. And it is that the English video platform on demand Sky is revolutionizing the networks with its Christmas commercial.

Neither more nor less than E.T. coming home for Christmas after 37 years. A tremendously emotional commercial that points directly to nostalgia with a story that could well be the epilogue of the famous film made by Steven Spielberg.

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Apple’s Christmas commercial: “The Surprise”

Apple’s Christmas commercial tells us a very real story in “The Surprise”

December is approaching and the brands, at their own pace, are launching their Christmas campaigns. Now it is Apple’s turn that, after the animation short of last year, delights us with a beautiful story that is surely very familiar to us.

Entitled “The surprise” Apple’s Christmas commercial tells the story of a family with two girls who are going to spend the holidays at their grandfather’s house. Thanks to a great storytelling, we managed to identify with those parents who always leave the iPad to the girls so they don’t fight.

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The tender McDonald’s Christmas commercial: #ReindeerReady

Anuncio de Navidad de McDonald's

McDonald’s Christmas commercial tells us the sweet story of Ellie and her reindeer.

The brands are slowly launching their Christmas campaigns. If last week we saw how the ads of John Lewis, Sainsbury’s or Ikea were launched, now it is McDonald’s turn with a magical animated story.

The McDonald’s Christmas commercial tells us the story of Ellie, a girl overflowing with imagination who only wants to play with her older sister. The teenager is not very predisposed, so Ellie has no choice but to look for chestnuts to have a good time.

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John Lewis’s commercial for this Christmas: “Excitable Edgar”

“Excitable Edgar” John Lewis’s commercial for this Christmas with an adorable dragon as the protagonist.

The John Lewis’s commercial has historically marked the starting gun for the Christmas campaign. Many brands know it and try to advance to one of the advertising events of the year. And it is that the landing of John Lewis is usually accompanied by a large investment that eclipses all the Christmas spots released by the time.

Now, after that fantastic #EltonJohnLewis they return to fantasy to explain the misfortunes of Edgar, an adorable dragon that lives in a small medieval town.

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Sainsbury’s Christmas commercial: “Nicholas the Sweep”

Anuncio de Navidad de Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s commercial explains the origin of Santa Claus with “Nicholas the Sweep”

Gradually the big brands are releasing their Christmas campaigns. Now it is the turn of Sainsbury’s. The second supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, always in hard conflict with John Lewis, launches its Christmas campaign. After achieving (for us) the best Christmas ad of 2017: “Every bit of Christmas”, below its level last year with “Big Night”.

Now they remake their imaginary to launch a more similar announcement in tone and form to that fantastic history of the First World War, in which they recreated the famous truce between British and German in the trenches.

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Amazon’s Christmas commercial brings back the singing boxes

Anuncio de Navidad de Amazon 2019

Amazon’s Christmas commercial brings us back its boxes that sing as main characters.

Cruising speed for Christmas ads. Traditionally, Amazon is usually one of the first companies to launch its Christmas campaign. With the Black Friday at the corner, launching the Christmas ads in early December would almost be reckless. Far away are those times where the announcement that marked the beginning of Christmas was that of Freixenet in mid-December.

But Amazon knows that the vast majority of consumers will buy their gifts on Black Friday. Hence his rush to launch the Christmas campaign. And, after last year’s success, they once again have their boxes that sing as protagonists in an announcement of good vibes, friendship and love. The ABC of the ads by these dates.

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Ikea’s Christmas commercial: “Silence the Critics”

Ikea’s Christmas commercial encourages us to host this Christmas.

The end of the year arrives and with the Christmas commercials. Brands do not want to leave the opportunity to show us their own vision of Christmas and begin to launch their ads. And every time they take reception of consumers to launch two or three ads these dates.

This year Ikea’s first Christmas commercial arrives from the UK and encourages us to be hosts and put aside those voices that tell us that our house is not up to organizing an event of this magnitude with our whole family.

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