Best Commercials of 2020

The Best Commercials of 2020

Best Commercials of 2020

We analyze the best commercials of 2020 so far

The year 2020 has reached its equator and it does very tired. Even so, it has provided us with great advertising campaigns. At telling, advertising agency we take stock at the end of the year and we will prepare an exquisite selection of the best adverts made this year. So we did it with the best commercials of 2018 and the best commercials of 2019. At the moment we make a small sneak peek without any order of the best ads that have come out to date. You will surely find great advertising campaigns that are left out of this selection, but those that are have undoubtedly been the ones that set the pace.

2020 will be marked by the Coronavirus. We have practically three months of conventional advertising and three strenuous months where brands have had to adapt to the pace set by Covid19. During these days of confinement we have made a specific compilation of the best ads for the Covid19 but now it is time to put them all together and see how they resist compared to traditional ads…

This is possible because at the telling, advertising agency we are up to date with the latest news from the world of advertising, marketing and communication. And we have captured it on our blog, telling_things twitter, our Facebook, our Instagram under the user telling_things and our YouTube channel.

We leave you with the best commercials of 2020.

Volkswagen | The Last Mile

At the beginning of the year, Volkswagen surprised everyone with a beautiful announcement to announce the recall of the iconic “Beetle”.

Bupa | ¿What is normal?

Bupa launched an advertising campaign encompassing all the problems that mental health brings and how we could treat ourselves.

Walmart | Famous Visitors

The SuperBowl of this 2020 brought us, as always, great advertising campaigns. One of them was that of Walmart, which with “Famous Visitors” wanted to replicate the success of its “Famous Cars”. So the Walmart ad reviewed the most iconic ships in the history of cinema.

New York Life | Love Takes Action

Another of the outstanding commercials of the Super Bowl was that of New York Life and its “Love Takes Action” where they reviewed the different modalities that love represents.

Telecom | Max & Romaine

The telemarketer Telecom surprised everyone with an endearing story about friendship, childhood and the passing of the years with “Max & Romaine”.

Ikea | Next Generation

Ikea’s advertising campaigns always make their way into the best ads of the year. This year highlights “Next Generation”, an emotional story about how Ikea products are part of our lives.

Burger King | Moldy Whooper

Burger King surprised everyone with a controversial marketing campaign. In it we saw how a hamburger became mold with the passage of time through timelapse. The debate centered on whether the campaign did more harm than good to the brand by displaying its product in such poor condition.

Volvo Trucks | The Tower

It is known that when the Volvo subsidiary for trucks intends to do an advertising campaign, it does it in a big way. We all remember Van Damme’s “Epic Split” ad, which was crowned the second best ad of the decade. This is how Volvo Trucks brings us “The Tower”, a spectacular performance where we see all the trucks of the brand stacked and on top of all of them, the CEO of the company.

Bankinter | El banco que ve el dinero como lo ves tú.

The emergence of Covid19 into our lives marked the step worldwide. The brands had no choice but to adapt, like everyone else. They launched advertising campaigns appealing to everyone’s responsibility and the #StayHome movement is here to stay. But not having access to the ability to shoot, the brands launched very similar advertising campaigns. The irruption of the Bankinter commercial and its original proposal stretched the sector, which launched to make more creative proposals.

Coca-Cola | For the Human Race

After Bankinter’s commercial, Coca-Cola appeared with a message intended for humanity. “For the human race” launched a hopeful message in the style of that mythical “Reasons to believe” that was launched during the world crisis that began in 2008.

Nivea | Small Acts of Care

Nivea followed with “Small Acts of Care”, an initiative that encouraged us to carry out small actions of love under the motto of “Small Acts of Care make a Big Difference”.

Nike | Never Too Far Down

Of course, Nike could not miss his appointment with history. She carried out a superb advertising campaign appealing to the sense of the individual comeback once the pandemic ends. An ode to self-improvement based on the great failures of the world stars that he captured in “Never Too Far Down”.

Heineken | Connections

During the pandemic, brands decided to launch hopeful and conciliatory messages. Heineken stood out with a fun proposal analyzing the different situations in which consumers made video calls.

Bradesco Saúde | Decades

The Brazilian insurance company Bradesco Saúde brings us one of the latest announcements about Covid19. An emotional story about idols in different generations.

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