Here you will find the best commercials of 2020!

In the telling advertising we review the most current and original advertising campaigns. All the brands that makes the best advertising campaigns of 2020. Here you will find an updated listing of the best commercials of 2020.

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Top 10: Ten Best Commercials of 2020

Ten Best Commercials of 2020

We have chosen the ten best commercials of 2020. Discover the best advertising campaigns and adverts that have been released this 2020.

This 2020 has been marked and will be remembered as the year when a global pandemic completely changed our lives. A horrible year where more than a million people have died and more than 60 million have been infected. A year where lives stopped on March and at the end of the year they have not yet finished starting. A year in which brands have used their communication channels to recommend that people stay at home with their #StayHome.

Despite everything, you have to take stock of everything that happened. And in our little world where we talk about advertising and marketing, it’s time to review, analyze and list the best commercials of 2020. Although there are two completely different scenarios (one from January to March, and the rest of the year) creativity and ingenuity have managed to bring out true advertising gems.

As always, at the telling, advertising agency we have been publishing the most relevant news from the world of advertising and marketing. And now it’s time to take stock and, just as we did with the ten best commercials of 2019 and 2018, decide the ten best commercials of 2020. Shall we start?

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Absolut’s animated commercial: “It’s in our spirit”

Anuncio animado de Absolut | "It's in our spirit"

Absolut’s animated commercial is a spectacular short titled “It’s in our spirit.”

In the telling advertising agency we love advertising campaigns carried out in animation. In its day we value the best animated commercials, pieces of tremendous quality that due to their condition are timeless.

We are aware that animation is not an easy resource for brands. It requires time, patience and precision, qualities that unfortunately are not distilled in a world where communication is consumed in fast food mode. But despite everything, real gems continue to arrive.

This is the case of the latest Absolut campaign, a spectacular animated short to encourage us to socialize again whenever possible.

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Coca-Cola’s Christmas Commercial: “The Letter”

Anuncio de Navidad de Coca-Cola | La Carta

Coca-Cola’s emotional Christmas commercial celebrates 100 years of the brand’s Christmas ads.

When we talk about Christmas commercials, Coca-Cola certainly comes to mind. Not in vain he has been making announcements for these dates for 100 years and all of them have marked us in one way or another.

This year is especially difficult for brands. Encouraging family gatherings does not seem like the best of ideas and brands try to move without going into too much detail. We’ve seen it in the Amazon Christmas ad, and we see it in this one from Coca-Cola.

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The animated advert about the oceans: “The penguin and the whale”

Emotivo anuncio animado | The Penguin and the Whale

“The Penguin and the Whale” is a moving animated ad created by the United Nations and Tencent.

At the telling advertising agency we love animated advertising campaigns. They are pieces of extreme beauty that last over time and give the brand a premium quality. To the tremendous list we made of the best animated ads, you could very probably be joined by this one created by the United Nations for Youth Day.

The Decade of Action begins to achieve the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) included in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. A call to end poverty and protect the planet. For this they have created this beautiful short entitled “The penguin and the whale”.

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The most viewed commercials on YouTube in 2020

Most Viewed Commercials on YouTube

These are the most viewed commercials on our YouTube channel

A year ago, those international advertisements were published on our YouTube channel. Always respecting the original source, mentioning it but with a desire to safeguard that more creative, more original, more transgressive advertising. There are very interesting things apart from the latest news, so we encourage you to subscribe to be up-to-date with everything we publish.

Now we are going to list those most viewed commercials on YouTube so far in 2020. After the equator of a year marked by the global pandemic and society has had to adapt to a necessary confinement. Brands have also had to adapt to give their best and reach the public with a clear and understandable message. We also recommend our special on the best commercials of 2020 to date.

We will see the most viewed ads on our YouTube channel.

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The Best Commercials of 2020

Best Commercials of 2020

We analyze the best commercials of 2020 so far

The year 2020 has reached its equator and it does very tired. Even so, it has provided us with great advertising campaigns. At telling, advertising agency we take stock at the end of the year and we will prepare an exquisite selection of the best adverts made this year. So we did it with the best commercials of 2018 and the best commercials of 2019. At the moment we make a small sneak peek without any order of the best ads that have come out to date. You will surely find great advertising campaigns that are left out of this selection, but those that are have undoubtedly been the ones that set the pace.

2020 will be marked by the Coronavirus. We have practically three months of conventional advertising and three strenuous months where brands have had to adapt to the pace set by Covid19. During these days of confinement we have made a specific compilation of the best ads for the Covid19 but now it is time to put them all together and see how they resist compared to traditional ads…

This is possible because at the telling, advertising agency we are up to date with the latest news from the world of advertising, marketing and communication. And we have captured it on our blog, telling_things twitter, our Facebook, our Instagram under the user telling_things and our YouTube channel.

We leave you with the best commercials of 2020.

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