Here you will find the best commercials of 2021!

In the telling advertising we review the most current and original advertising campaigns. All the brands that makes the best advertising campaigns of 2021. Here you will find an updated listing of the best commercials of 2020.

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Huggies commercial welcomes newborn babies to the world

Anuncio de Huggies | Super Bowl

Huggies’ Super Bowl commercial welcomes babies born on the same day.

We continue with our analysis of the best Super Bowl ads. If one of the big winners was the ad parodying the sequel by Edward Scissorhands and the most emotional was the one by Toyota explaining the story of Jessica Long; Today we bring you the most touching ad and the first from a diaper brand to be advertised at the Super Bowl.

The Huggies commercial is titled “Welcome to the World, Baby” and features newborn photos on the same day the ad was broadcast. How did they get it?

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The emotional Toyota commercial tells the story of Jessica Long

Anuncio de Toyota | Jessica Long

Toyota’s commercial tells the emotional story of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long.

One of the most emotional ads that were seen in the last edition of the Super Bowl was undoubtedly this one from Toyota. A moving ad that reminds us in style of that fantastic “Rule Yourself” starring Michael Phelps before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

And is that within the many controversies that the Super Bowl has left us, there has been an advertising campaign that has shocked viewers. An ad that explains the emotional story of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, winner of 13 gold medals.

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Elton John and Michael Caine encourage covid vaccine in this commercial

Elton John y Michael Caine animan a vacunarse en este divertido anuncio

Elton John and Michael Caine make a funny commercial encouraging the population to get vaccinated.

Vaccination against Covid is in full swing in many countries. With this, the importance of making the population aware of the minimum risks involved in getting the vaccine, and the importance that as many people as possible are vaccinated.

To do this, advertising campaigns are carried out to raise awareness and encourage the population. One of the funniest examples is the publicity campaign run by the British National Health Service (NHS). For this they have had the participation of Sir Elton John and Michael Caine to launch a forceful but funny message to the population.

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The commercial war between General Motors and Audi

This Super Bowl has left us an commercial war between General Motors and Audi.

Every year, the Super Bowl leaves us with memorable advertising campaigns. You have the entire list with the best Super Bowl commercials that we have prepared here. One of those ads has led to an advertising war between two of the big motor brands: General Motors and Audi.

It started General Motors with an ad starring Will Ferrell. He charged against Norway for being at the forefront of electric cars. With a tone between controversial and parodic, we see how Will punches a globe to later recruit those people to undertake a crusade that will take him to the Norwegian country.

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Cadillac’s Super Bowl Commercial is an ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Sequel

Secuela de Eduardo Manostijeras | Anuncio de Cadillac

Cadillac’s Super Bowl commercial is the sequel to Edward Scissorhands

Last Sunday the Super Bowl was held, the most followed sporting event on the entire planet. In the telling advertising agency we made a list with the best Super Bowl commercials and now we are going to review the most prominent ones.

This is the case of the Cadillac commercial, one of the great winners of the night. And it is that the legendary firm threw the house out the window to launch a short starring Winona Ryder and Timothée Chalamet. A kind of sequel to Eduardo Scissorhands that has had the advice of Tim Burton.

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BBC burns billboard to promote “A Perfect Planet”

BBC quema valla de publicidad

The BBC burns a billboard within its advertising campaign to promote the program “A Perfect Planet”

Now we hadn’t talked about an original outdoor advertising campaign for a long time. Traditionally it is a medium that grants many creative freedoms, and has been used assiduously by brands such as McDonald’s, Ikea or Burger King.

Today we see the example of how the BBC burns a billboard to promote one of its programs. And is that the British chain has not hesitated to use outdoor advertising to announce its most applauded programs. He did it in his day with “Dracula”, whose silhouette was only seen when the sun fell, or the promotion of “His Dark Materials” in which a polar bear “breathed” for real.

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Heinz labels made with people’s drawings: “Heinz Draw”

Etiquetas de Heinz Draw Ketchup

Heinz asked people to draw ketchup, and they have applied the result to their packaging with “Heinz Draw Ketchup”

When we talked about Coca-Cola’s “Alphabet” campaign, we made reference to the fact that the multinational’s bottle is one of the best known in the world. Well, if there is any other brand container that can shade it, that is definitely the Heinz bottle.

And that’s the starting point for Heinz’s new campaign, asking people to draw a bottle of ketchup. The social experiment resulted in everyone drawing the Heinz bottle and labels. A clear example of how influential is the packaging created by Heinz.

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Coca-Cola letter labels allow us to form words for a optmistic future

Etiquetas con letras de Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola letter labels allow us to form our own words.

Without a doubt, one of the most recognizable packaging in the world is that of Coca-Cola. The multinational has known how to use this container as one of its main communication channels with multiple actions in all formats.

Now, Coca-Cola wants us to capture the more optimistic side of life thanks to the labels on its bottles. The idea is to encourage and inspire those people to share the good times that we have yet to come.

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Leica celebrates 150 years with an emotional advertising campaign

Leica celebra 150 años | The World Deserve Witnesses

Camera brand Leica celebrates 150 years with an emotional commercial: “The world needs witnesses.”

Leica, the brand of cameras, surveying and medical equipment celebrates 150 years, and it does so with a very emotional advertising campaign. And it is that the art of photography has a prominent role in society. It is responsible for documenting and representing the world around us. Photography is capable of capturing our best moments in life and making them eternal. Those funny and memorable moments, but it is also capable of capturing pleasure, sadness, anger or fear.

Leica celebrates 150 years and has launched its first global campaign in more than 10 years. The German brand honors the power of images by documenting the beauty of this world.

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