Best Commercials of the Decade

TOP 10: Best commercials of the decade (2010-2020)

Best Commercials of the Decade

A list with the ten best commercials of the decade. From 2010 to 2019 according to our criteria. The best advertising campaigns and spots that have been released this decade.

2019 ends and with it we close a decade to open another. Ten years that has passed in a sigh and that has left us memorable advertising campaigns. Recently we talked about the best ads of 2019 and today we are going to do the same with the best commercials of the decade.

In the advertising agency telling we have been analyzing the best advertising campaigns, ads and marketing actions for nearly five years. And during this time we have been giving you our opinion on the world of advertising, marketing and communication. We have done it in several ways that we encourage you to follow: Our blog, our Instagram and Twitter, the Telling Advertising Facebook Page and our brand new Youtube channel, to which we encourage you to subscribe.

The time has come to review the top ten ads of the decade. You can not even imagine the amount of bright ads that have been left out of this list but for that they serve, to generate debate and give your opinion. We encourage you to do it by all our means of contact. Let’s start with the best ads of the 2010-2020 decade.

10. E.T. | A Holiday Reunion (2019)

One of the last commercials to arrive in 2019 starts this list of best ads of the decade. And it is not for less, Sky’s campaign revolutionized social networks with “A Holiday Reunion”. This Christmas commercial brought back to E.T. to Elliot’s house to meet his family. The ad could well be considered the epilogue of the famous film created by Steven Spielberg.

9. Ruavieja | Tenemos que vernos más (2018)

Ruavieja’s commercial thrilled virtually everyone who saw it. In 2018, the liquor brand encouraged us to stop spending so much time between screens and to see each other more. To do this, they created an application that calculated the time we have left to spend with our loved ones. The data was so devastating that after watching the campaign, many viewers called their loved ones to try to stay longer.

8. Red Bull | Stratos (2012)

In 2012 the energy drinks brand surprised everyone with a reckless action. In his content marketing strategy he dared to make the highest base jump ever recorded. Together with Felix Baumgartner they got one of the most important events of the decade, bringing together more than 7 million people on YouTube. They broke the record of the network and the news opened the news of half the world.

7. Volkswagen | The Force (2011)

In 2011, during the SuperBowl break, Volkswagen did the best commercial of the brand. A very simple commercial that represents in a very faithful way the illusion and perseverance of a small Star Wars fan dressed as Darth Vader. “The Force” quickly went viral on the network and won numerous awards at advertising festivals. Viewers voted it among the best car ads of the last 25 years.

6. Dove | Real Beauty Sketches (2013)

In 2013 and under the “Real Beauty” campaign that Dove started in 2014, they made “Real Beauty Sketches”, a masterful demonstration of how necessary it is for people to value themselves. To return self-esteem Dove performed one of the most memorable actions of the decade. Brutal sincerity.

5. Loterías | El Mayor Premio es Compartirlo (2014)

After a disastrous commercial with Montserrat Caballe, Raphael and more singers, bad reviews forced Lotteries to rebuild their communication campaign. The agency Leo Burnett took the reins and gave us a memorable advertising campaign. With a storytelling that captivated the entire country that managed to brutally empathize with everyone who saw it. A commercial t that enters the popular imagination and advertising history.

4. Sandy Hook Promises | Evan (2016)

The NGO Sandy Hook Promises is an NGO formed following the shooting in 2012 at Sandy Hook School. Its raison d’être is to prevent these shootings from happening again in American schools. For this they did a memorable and brilliant advertising campaign in the form of a cozy story, impeccable execution and an anthological outcome. The ad breaks the viewer’s schemes forcing him to look at a story and avoid looking at the “signals” to prevent it from happening again.

3. Under Armour | Rule Yourself (2016)

And we enter the TOP3 of the best ads of the decade. In 2016, brands launched their best advertising campaigns to reach thousands of spectators before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. But there was one that touched the emotions to everyone. “Rule Yourself” explained the story of overcoming Michael Phelps before starting the competition. An emotional, sensitive and welcoming story that explained the descent into the hells of the swimming world champion before being ready for the competition. Sacrifice, inspiration and strength blend perfectly with the song “The Last Goodbye” by “The Kills.”

2. Volvo | Epic Split (2013)

In second position we find the huge, epic and spectacular Volvo ad with Jean Claude Van Damme. An commercial recorded in a single shot during the 15 minutes they had to make it in the so-called magic sunrise time. Volvo’s Epic Split revolutionized the social media and the commercial became an instant classic thanks to the combination of music, images and realization. In his day they won the award for best commercial of the year and second place of honor on our list.

1. P&G | Best Job – Thank You Mom (2012)

And we come to what, for the advertising agency telling, is the best ad commercial of the decade: The P&G “Thank You Mom” commercial for the London Olympics. The campaign carried out by the American multinational, sponsor of the Olympic Games, marked a point in the world of advertising. The combination of a story of overcoming and emotional music would mark the advertising campaigns that would be done later. A clear example is Under Armor Rule Yourself, which is in the third position on our list.

Following the P&G campaign, brands would start using storytelling to tell their stories and get consumers to empathize with them, thus generating a strong bond that is difficult to break. The impact of the commercial was so hight that the brand used the campaign for the Winter Games, the Rio Olympics and we will see if it uses them in the Tokyo Games. “Thank You Mom” becomes the best commercial of the decade (2010-2020) of telling, the advertising agency of barcelona.

And so far our list with the best ads of the decade (2010-2020). We have left out memorable advertising campaigns and would like to know your opinion in the comments or on social networks. 

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