Here you will find the best advertising campaigns for Covid19

In the telling advertising we review the most current and original advertising campaigns. Covid19 shocked the world and the brands quickly are launching its advertising campaigns for Covid19.

Stay tuned in telling, advertising agency to wacth the best advertising campaigns and the best commercials of Covid19.

Corona Match of Ages summarizes 70 years in a single match

Corona | Match of Ages

Corona’s “Match of Ages” summarizes 70 years of the Mexican classic in a single soccer game.

Editing in the world of cinema, advertising and any video is an essential part of making the product as round as possible. Thanks to the magic of editing, audiovisual content can surprise us in a thousand ways. And even though we thought we had seen it all, there is always room for surprise.

This is the case of this Corona marketing campaign, which has managed to condense 70 years of images of football matches into one … and ensure that it has all the credibility in the world.

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Bradesco Saúde’s “Decades” commercial surprises with its emotionality

Anuncio "Decades" de Bradesco Saude

Bradesco Saúde’s “Decades” commercial ranks as one of the year’s ads for its simplicity and emotion.

The lockdown is coming to an end and the brands change their cause like someone who changes their jackets. The commercials on the #BlackLivesMatter have been postponing the commercials on the Covid19 and thus we are getting closer to normality. But we still get small jewels related to the Coronavirus.

This is the case of the “Decades” ad by Bradesco Saúde. The Brazilian insurer brings us one of the ads of the year thanks to an original idea and a simple staging that gives us goosebumps.

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The Best Commercials of 2020

Best Commercials of 2020

We analyze the best commercials of 2020 so far

The year 2020 has reached its equator and it does very tired. Even so, it has provided us with great advertising campaigns. At telling, advertising agency we take stock at the end of the year and we will prepare an exquisite selection of the best adverts made this year. So we did it with the best commercials of 2018 and the best commercials of 2019. At the moment we make a small sneak peek without any order of the best ads that have come out to date. You will surely find great advertising campaigns that are left out of this selection, but those that are have undoubtedly been the ones that set the pace.

2020 will be marked by the Coronavirus. We have practically three months of conventional advertising and three strenuous months where brands have had to adapt to the pace set by Covid19. During these days of confinement we have made a specific compilation of the best ads for the Covid19 but now it is time to put them all together and see how they resist compared to traditional ads…

This is possible because at the telling, advertising agency we are up to date with the latest news from the world of advertising, marketing and communication. And we have captured it on our blog, telling_things twitter, our Facebook, our Instagram under the user telling_things and our YouTube channel.

We leave you with the best commercials of 2020.

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Heineken’s commercial shows us the reality behind the video calls

Anuncio de Heineken | Connections

Heineken’s commercial during the pandemic shows us the reality behind the video calls.

The majority of ads launched during the Covid19 pandemic resemble each other. The duration of the quarantine, but, has managed to get the creatives to put themselves together to offer small original stories full of humanity. This is the case of the Nivea ad #ShareTheCare, the optimistic Coca-Cola ad or the motivating Nike commercial to come back in a big way.

This time, Heineken has chosen to bring a little humor to all the situations we are experiencing. And video calls have become an essential part of this confinement. With “Connections”, the Dutch multinational gives us a smile with absurd situations during calls.

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Nivea’s commercial encourages us to make small acts of care

Anuncio de Nivea | Small Acts of Care  make big difference

Nivea’s commercial encourages us to make small acts of care with “Small Acts of Care make a Big Difference”.

Despite the fact that the majority of advertising campaigns related to Covid19 are similar to each other, there are usually surprising exceptions. One of them is the Bankinter commercial, which surprised many with its original staging. The other is the Coca-Cola ad dedicated to humanity; “For The Human Race” has wanted to send a message of hope to all of us.

Today we could consider adding another great advertising campaign to the podium of the best campaigns on the Covid19. Nivea and  “Small Acts of Care make a Big Difference” have enough merits to be considered one of them.

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Coca-Cola’s “For the Human Race” advert is a call to hope

For the human race | Coca-Cola

“For the human race” is the Coca-Cola ad full of positivity and appreciation for Covid19

With the arrival of Covid19, many brands had to reinvent their advertising campaigns. Coca-Cola instead decided to pause all its advertising to focus on “do, not say” and help fight the coronavirus. After a few weeks of silence, the brand surprised everyone with the launch of two campaigns full of optimism.

The first is a reinterpretation of his classic “For everyone”, changing the message for one related to the pandemic. And now it has launched the second, inspired by one of its most emblematic campaigns: “For reasons to believe”, which was launched due to the 2008 crisis. A campaign that is on par with the Bankinter commercial and that they are fighting to be the best Covid-related advertising campaign19.

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Dove’s commercial for the Covid19 healthcare professionals: “Courage”

Anuncio de Dove | Courage

“Courage” is Dove’s commercial for Covid19 that focuses on healthcare professionals

The pandemic forces companies to react to help fight Covid19. From reorienting production to make disinfectants, masks, or respirators, to making large donations to organizations that are on the street.

This is the case of Dove, which has launched an advertising campaign for Covid19 and is also donating facial care products to Canadian health professionals. It is also making financial contributions to organizations like Direct Relief.

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Uber’s commercial for Covid19: “Thank you for not riding”

Anuncio de Uber | Thank You For Not Riding

Uber’s emotional commercial for Covid19 is one of the best advertising campaigns launched out by the pandemic.

There is a constant in advertising campaigns by Covid19. Brands cannot record material due to confinement and have to throw away a newspaper archive, request home recordings or make a compilation of everything that is released in the media and on social media.

Under this prism there are more successful campaigns than others, as is the case of Ikea or Tourism of Portugal. But one of the spots that we liked most is the one made by Uber.

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“Play for the world”, Nike advert encourages us to play sports during quarantine

Anuncio de Nike | Play For The World

Nike’s advert for the Covid19 is titled “Play for the World” and encourages us to play sports during quarantine.

The advertising campaigns for Covid19 are launching as the pandemic reaches all countries. The state of alarm and confinement has taken its toll on those professional and amateur athletes. Going from being active on a daily basis to not doing it for a month can be exasperating for them.

That is why the imagination has taken over people and they have set up mini gyms at home to be able to exercise often. It helps that the gyms have held virtual classes to continue serving despite being closed.

Nike’s advert winks at all those confined athletes. “Play for the World” encourages us to play at home so we can spend time in a healthy way.

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Apple’s Covid19 Commercial: “Creativity Goes On”

Apple | Creativity Goes On

Apple’s Covid19 Commercial encourages us to continue being creative at home.

The Covid19 advances irretrievably and its arrival in the United States has forced companies to make a move in terms of marketing. The confinement and the #StayHome movement that has occurred in both Italy and Spain has crossed the pond.

Brands are launching advertising campaigns on Covid19 and Apple has launched theirs with a message focused on creativity.

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