Best Free Fonts of 2017

The best free fonts of 2017

Best Free Fonts of 2017

A fantastic selection with the best free fonts of 2017.

Thanks to globalization, there are more professionals who decide to share their creations with the community and thus seek their own path in design’s competitive world. The world of typography has changed a lot since Max Miedinger created Helvetica, or Adrian Frutiger did the same with Futura typography.

Globalization and the democratization of design due to the irruption of the internet has saturated the typography network.This has led current designers to work with few fonts to avoid wasting time searching among so many options.

Today we review the best free fonts of 2017.

Bebas Neue

Tipografía Bebas Neue

Nexa Font

Tipografía Nexus

Europe Underground Font

Tipografía Europe

Befolk font

Tipografía Befolt

Blow Brush Font

Tipografía Blow Brush

Black Mask Font

Tipografía Black Mask

Somatic Font

Tipografía Somatic

Equable Font

Tipografia Equable

Decalotype Font

Tipografía Decalotype

Akrobat Font

Tipografía Akrobat

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