Here you will find the best McDonald’s ads!

In the telling advertising we review the most current and original advertising campaigns. One of the brands that makes the best advertising campaigns is McDonald’s. Here you will find an updated listing of the best McDonald’s commercials.

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The new McDonald’s packaging with minimalist illustrations

Nuevo Packaging de McDonald's

McDonald’s new packaging modernizes its line with emotionally cheerful minimalist illustrations.

If at the beginning of the year Burger King surprised everyone with a redesign of its brand and packaging, now it is the turn of its competition: McDonald’s. We are entering 2021 and brands want to make a point and apart after the pandemic. This entails a new corporate image so that the change is more evident at all levels. Business and consumer.

To make the change, the new McDonald’s packaging has been created by the branding agency Pearlfisher. They have carried out a facelift to the entire packaging system of the brand. The idea, “generate a feeling of joy and happiness for the brand” according to those responsible.

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McDonald’s Christmas commercial for 2020 brings out our Inner Child

Anuncio de Navidad de McDonald's | Inner Child

“Inner Child” is McDonald’s Christmas commercial for 2020 that reminds us of the child in us.

The battle continues to see who makes the best commercial this Christmas. After Coca-Cola left the list very high with “The Letter” and that John Lewis and Sainsbury’s have not been able to reach for the moment, it is McDonald’s turn.

La multinacional americana ha lanzado su anuncio de Navidad para recordarnos el niño que llevamos dentro. Con “Inner Child” buscan el lado más sentimental del consumidor y que, a pesar de la situación tan complicada que estamos viviendo, el niño que llevamos dentro siempre nos acompañará.

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The magical McDonald’s commercial that encourages us to read

Spot de McDonald's | Livres

The McDonald’s commercial is a magical story about reading and young children.

In France, McDonald’s has been giving books to children since 2015 for the purchase of a Happy Meal. At the beginning, the initiative had been taking place a few weeks a year, until they decided to go one step further.

They decided to expand the campaign and extend it throughout the year. But they also gave the children a choice between a toy or a book. The reception was so good that they decided to renew the initiative year after year until today.

In total they have distributed more than 60 million books during all this time, and to celebrate this milestone, they have made this sweet spot.

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The passionate kiss between Burger King and McDonald’s

Beso entre las mascotas de Burger King y McDonald's

The passionate kiss between Burger King and McDonald’s for Helsinki Pride day.

Many times we have spoken in the advertising agency telling about the different advertising strategies of Burger King and McDonald’s. Burger King uses a more hooligan tactic by attacking McDonald’s while it tries to go its own advertising path.

But this time the Burger King campaign has decided to give love to its competitor on the occasion of Pride week in Helsinki.

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The tender McDonald’s Christmas commercial: #ReindeerReady

Anuncio de Navidad de McDonald's

McDonald’s Christmas commercial tells us the sweet story of Ellie and her reindeer.

The brands are slowly launching their Christmas campaigns. If last week we saw how the ads of John Lewis, Sainsbury’s or Ikea were launched, now it is McDonald’s turn with a magical animated story.

The McDonald’s Christmas commercial tells us the story of Ellie, a girl overflowing with imagination who only wants to play with her older sister. The teenager is not very predisposed, so Ellie has no choice but to look for chestnuts to have a good time.

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The McDonald’s picnic blanket to order food wherever you are

Manta de picnic de McDonald's

The McDonald’s picnic blanket is a smart blanket that brings you food wherever you are.

McDonald’s continues its line of presenting innovative and original products. Although many of these actions do not stop being ephemeral campaigns in specific countries to present in contests, it’s always nice to see them. McDonald’s recently presented a restaurant for bees and Burger King brought us our order for free if we were stuck in a traffic jam. Original ideas but with a clear operative: its diffusion and virality through the network.

Following this path, McDonald’s presents a picnic blanket with which you can place an order wherever you are. An idea that wants to promote the McDelivery service of the restaurant chain.

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McDonald’s and Spotify team up to offer you exclusive music

McDonald’s and Spotify have teamed up to offer consumers exclusive music in restaurants.

McDonald’s has a long list of collaborations with other brands behind it. We all remember the famous “Monopoly” of McDonald’s or the merchandising products that they gave us with each Happy Meal. They have had more successful collaborations and others that have gone unnoticed. But the attempt of the American multinational to go further when offering its products to customers is commendable.

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The world’s smallest McDonald’s only for bees

The world’s smallest McDonald’s only for bees just opened.

Bees are one of the most important insects we have on our planet. They are the most important pollinating agents of the ecosystem and, nevertheless, their extermination is increasing. The use of toxics and industrialization are some of the reasons why we have fewer and fewer insects on the planet.

To celebrate World Bee Day, McDonald’s wanted to pay tribute to them. They have created miniature restaurants aimed at these insects. A project created by the NORDDDB agency in Sweden, when it was detected that many hives had been installed in the brand’s restaurants.

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McDonald’s advertising campaign to awareness about dyslexia

The last McDonald’s advertising campaign in Sweden wants to awareness about the dyslexia.

It is to admire the commitment of the big brands to take advantage of any celebration to carry out communication campaigns. In this, both McDonald’s and Burger King are experts. Now, to commemorate the world day of dyslexia, McDonald’s has wanted to contribute its bit to awareness of this learning disorder. This disorder affects about 20% of the world’s population, and is rarely mentioned in the media.

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“M”, a McDonald’s advertising campaign in airports

Publicidad de McDonald's en aeropuertos

“M” is a minimalist McDonald’s advertising campaign in airports

When it’s time to travel, the previous moments we spent in an airport are of excitement and joy. And it is for us less, visiting a new country, living a new culture or knowing new landscapes is something that will be engraved forever in our brains. The quote “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” makes more sense than ever.

Being all new, our brain is more than ever exposed to all kinds of inputs. That’s why brands and advertising spaces in airports fight to capture the traveler’s attention. Thousands of people come and go every day, so the impact achieved is greater than any other advertising campaign.

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A McDonald’s ad proposes you to see the World Cup with your boss

“The President” is the new McDonald’s ad that proposes you to watch the World Cup with your boss.

The World Cup begins and the brands are launching all their ads. In “Telling” advertising we will filter the best advertising campaigns to show them to you. This is the case of McDonald’s latest advertising campaign entitled “The President”.

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McDonalds billboards tell you the way with their “arches”

McDonalds billboards placed in Canada show you the way with the “arches” of its logo.

We like McDonald’s outdoor advertising campaigns. It’s a basic part of their communication strategy, to inform the consumer of the proximity of a local. Many years have passed the American brand making billboards and has now carried out an original campaign with this advertising support.

The brand had found that in Canada there were different advertising billboards that signaled the location of their restaurants. These fences were very different from each other, which was an incongruity from the point of view of branding. To fix it, he has launched the company “Follow the Arches”.

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The last McDonald’s marketing action reinvents the Drive-Thru in Brazil

The last McDonald’s marketing action reinvents the Drive-Thru concept in Brazil.

We have enjoyed this McDonald’s marketing action in Brazil. The American multinational has long been performing creative marketing actions and it is not easy to be surprised.

The goal of the last McDonald’s marketing campaign in Brazil was to remind consumers that there is always a McDonald’s nearby and ready to offer service.

And how did they do it? Well instead of it being the car that goes to the restaurant, the restaurant went to the car. In other words, they turned the Drive-Thru concept around to surprise consumers. They called it ‘Drive-Truck’.

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