Best Super Bowl Commercial

The Best Super Bowl Commercials

Best Super Bowl Commercial

A review of the best Super Bowl commercials in the match between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis.

The SuperBowl the most watched sporting event in the United States. A perfect dresser for brands: they have visibility, they have notoriety and they have an echo on the internet. With an audience of 100 million people, a 30-second insert costs at least $ 5 million.

Of the 3 and a half hours that the event lasts, 50 minutes are advertising. And like every year, we bring you a compilation of #SuperBowlCommercials. The best Super Bowl Commercials of 2018.

Tide: “It’s a Tide Ad”

Doritos and Mountain Dew

Tourism Australia: “Dundee”

Bud Light: “The Bud Knight”

Amazon: “Alexa loses her voice”

Toyota: “Good Odds”

Jeep: “Jeep Jurassic”

Sprint: “Evelyn”

Avocados From Mexico: #GuacWorld

Michelob ULTRA: “I like beer”

Pepsi: “This is the Pepsi”, with Cindy Crawford

Budweiser: Stand by you

Intuit: “Giant Skip”

Pringles: “Wow”

M&M’s: “Human” with Danny DeVito

Squarespace: “Make it happen” with Keanu Reeves

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