Anuncio de depilación de Billie

Billie’s original depilation ad

Project Body Hair is a Billie’s original depilation ad

Something is moving in the world of advertising, and that’s good. More and more brands are rebelling against the established, and that only means that society is changing. A clear example is the last advertising campaign of Pantene.

Well, the last ones to join the trend are the brand of hair clippers Billie. With a breakthrough announcement they show us that all women have hair and that it is not necessary to wax.

Anuncio de depilación de Billie

“Project Body Hair” is Billie’s original depilation ad. They try to break the social stigma that exists towards hair in female bodies. And for a long time, beauty brands have reflected in their advertising an unreal ideal with respect to society.

In the ad we see women with hair on different parts of the body and that there is nothing wrong with that. That you do not need to shave if you do not want to, and that if one day you want to do it, our products will be there to use them when and however you want.

Everything comes from an investigation of the brand before launching the campaign. The founder of the brand says: “When brands say that all women do not have hair, it is a version of bodily shame. He says you should be ashamed of having body hair. “

In addition, they have made a photo shoot in collaboration with the photographer Ashley Armitage. They showed proud women of their hair in the different parts of the body. These photos have been donated to the free photos portal Unsplash and anyone who wants to use them can do so for free.

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