Best Free Photo Stock Sites

The best Free Photo Stock sites

Best Free Photo Stock Sites

A list with the best free photo stock sites where to find images and illustrations for your projects.

In an age where content is king, using a good image can make the difference between whether they notice you or not. A good image captures the attention and interest of the user and considerably increases the number of visits and their viral effect on social networks. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and is processed 60,000 times faster than the text.

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Best advertising agency in Barcelona

Telling advertising, among the best advertising agencies in Barcelona

Best advertising agency in Barcelona

Telling advertising agency, among the most recognized advertising agencies in Barcelona.

According to Mediagenia list, we are one of the most recognized advertising agencies in Barcelona. It is always a good news that you are taken into account when choosing the best advertising agencies in Barcelona.

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Sorpresa de Burger King Samaritan Whooper

The Burger King’s surprise if you help this car on fire

The funny Burger King’s surprise if you help this burning car on a US road.

We liked this advertising campaign for Burger King. On the Good Samaritan Day in the US, the brand has made a funny surprise on a country road in California.

The date wants to pay tribute to those who help and celebrate the kindness of the people. An event that brands take advantage of to carry out publicity actions like this one.

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Best Free Fonts of 2017

The best free fonts of 2017

Best Free Fonts of 2017

A fantastic selection with the best free fonts of 2017.

Thanks to globalization, there are more professionals who decide to share their creations with the community and thus seek their own path in design’s competitive world. The world of typography has changed a lot since Max Miedinger created Helvetica, or Adrian Frutiger did the same with Futura typography.

Globalization and the democratization of design due to the irruption of the internet has saturated the typography network.This has led current designers to work with few fonts to avoid wasting time searching among so many options.

Today we review the best free fonts of 2017.

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TOP 10 Best Apple Commercials

Top 10 best Apple Commercials

TOP 10 Best Apple Commercials

In telling, advertising agency we reviewed the 10 best Apple Commercials. From ‘1984’ to ‘Welcome home’.

Apple commercials have always had something special. They are often inspiring, motivating, capable of transmitting feelings and occasionally “attacking” the competition in an ingenious way. There are many ads that Apple has made and sure that everyone will have their favorite. Of course, some Apple ads will coincide for everyone. Today we show you the ten of the best Apple commercials.

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Publicidad Exterior de McDonalds: Follow the arches

McDonalds billboards tell you the way with their “arches”

McDonalds billboards placed in Canada show you the way with the “arches” of its logo.

We like McDonald’s outdoor advertising campaigns. It’s a basic part of their communication strategy, to inform the consumer of the proximity of a local. Many years have passed the American brand making billboards and has now carried out an original campaign with this advertising support.

The brand had found that in Canada there were different advertising billboards that signaled the location of their restaurants. These fences were very different from each other, which was an incongruity from the point of view of branding. To fix it, he has launched the company “Follow the Arches”.

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Best Advertising Ads Coca-Cola

Top5: The best advertising ads for Coca-Cola

Best Advertising Ads Coca-Cola

Today in our TOP5, the best advertising ads for Coca-Cola throughout its history.

Could John Pemberton think when he devised a medicinal drink in 1886 that would become the most consumed soft drink in the world? And even less than after placing a first ad in the Atlanta Journal would become an example in advertising and marketing for the big brands throughout history.

“Delicious! Refreshing! Exhilirating! Invigorating!” was  Coca-Cola’s first advertising ad in the newspaper. Without text or images, only the company’s motto at that time. Already in 1889 they began to hire artists to design their advertisements.

Today we are going to try an (impossible) exercise to review the five best advertising ads for Coca-Cola. A totally subjective list that we encourage you to complete with your contributions in the comments. Let’s start to see the five best ads for Coca-Cola advertising.

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Lacoste changes its logotipe

Lacoste changes its cocodrile logo for endangered species

Lacoste changes its cocodrile logo to feature endangered species in limited edition collection.

We like the new Lacoste proposal for this season. The French brand has launched a limited edition of its clothes changing the iconic cocodrile logo for other endangered species.

85 years old has the Lacoste logo embroidered on its clothes. An icon of the fashion’s world that has gone through generations, styles and trends. Now, for a good cause, they have decided to replace it with other animals.

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Bolsas de Basura Glad: Torture Test

Glad’s trash bags made a product torture test in airports

Glad’s trash bags undergo a “torture test” at USA airports.

The word that best defines the marketing action of Glad’s trash bags is “peculiar”. They have done a test of stress to the product through the airports of the United States to prove its durability.

Glad is a brand of “The Glad Products Company“, a company specialized in trash bags and “tuppers” for food. To present their new ForceFlex Plus product with Advanced Protection, they decided to perform a peculiar stress test.

Stress tests are usually performed to check the strength and durability of the product; subjecting it to disproportionate uses to check where the limit is before breaking it. Glad has called them “Torture Test”.

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Spot de Audi: Final Breathe

“Final Breathe”, the Audi commercial to present the Audi RS 5 Coupe

The Audi commercial titled “Final Breathe” presents the new Audi RS 5 Coupe

Advertising does not stop and companies can not wait after a successful campaign. This is the case of Audi, which presents us with a new advertising campaign to show us its brand-new Audi RS 5 Coupe.

With the celebrated, spectacular and successful advertising campaign with the skier Candide Thovex they reached a sublime level. Now, Audi follow again the path of strong emotions to present us the new vehicle of the German brand.

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Anuncio de Smart - Vehículo Eléctrico

Smart’s funny advert to announce his electric car

Smart’s funny advert makes it clear that his electric cars do not emit polluting gases.

We like Smart’s advertising campaigns. The subsidiary of Mercedes usually makes some original, fun and different ads. The brand has positioned itself as the definitive car to move around the city: small, versatile and modern. Now to present us the new electric model have made this funny advert where they make it clear that their vehicles do not emit any type of polluting gas.

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Anuncio de Nike - Air

The sublime Nike motivational commercial is an ode to the air

The sublime Nike motivational commercial is an ode to the air, in honor of its shoes.

We love it when Nike launches a new advertising campaign. The brand is certainly raising its level of creativity in its latest commercials. Maybe we should review our report on the best Nike commercials to put this later.

The last Nike motivational commercial titled “Air”, is a brilliant exercise of realization, edition and sound. With the philosophy “less is more” they delight us with a tribute to the athletes and those moments when they are about to start a major challenge.

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Best Album Covers of Rock History

The 20 best album covers in the Rock History

Best Album Covers of Rock History

Taschen has compiled a list of the 20 best album covers in the history of Rock

We like the lists. And more if they generate controversy such as those related to music. Few dare to make a top with the best records in history. The opinions of some and others differ so much that most of the time the discussion is reached.

But in Telling advertising agency there are things that we are equally passionate more than advertising. One of them is everything related to music, and the art behind the great records of history.

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The last Absolut commercial strips its workers naked

Absolut’s commercial entitled “Nothing to hide” strips the workers of the Swedish Vodka.

Absolut’s latest campaign bares its workers to show they have nothing to hide. The Swedish brand is throwing all the meat in the spit with its global campaign entitled “Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight.”

Due to this campaign, a first piece was made with an impressive spot dedicated to ideas entitled “One night”. Now they continue with “Nothing to Hide”, a campaign where the employees of the brand literally get naked to explain the process of making the popular vodka.

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La valla de publicidad más grande del mundo

Ford makes the largest advertising billboard in the world

Ford has made the largest advertising billboard in the world in Madrid.

In the world of outdoor advertising there are always two maxims to be overcome: to be the most original, or to be the greatest. From the first we have many examples of which we have spoken in our blog, but can not be certified by the Guinness Book of Records.

Now, Ford has made the largest advertising bill in the world and has placed it in Madrid. The billboard installed in the Spanish Building of Madrid is the largest advertising fence in the world. The assembly is certified by the Guinness Book of Records, thus unseating LG. Previously the record was established by LG, with a billboard advertising in Saudi Arabia to announce its LG G3.

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