Bruce Willis como John McLane | Die Hard

Bruce Willis is John McClane in this car battery commercial

Bruce Willis como John McLane | Die Hard

Bruce Willis is John McClane in this DieHard Company car battery commercial.

Bruce Willis returns to star in an commercial, but this time he does it by recovering his most famous protagonist: John McClane. The popular actor is back after hitting the internet with his hilarious ad starring Doraemon for SoftBank.

This time the promoters of the advertising campaign are the Advance Auto Parts and DieHard network of stores. This last company is dedicated to the sale of car batteries and coincidences of life, it has the same name as the action movie saga.

Thus, Bruce Willis returns to being John McClane in the challenge of changing the battery of his car to be able to flee from a chase. The DieHard ad features numerous movie nods. Thus, Bruce Willis meets the actor Clarence Gilyard Jr, who played the terrorist Theo. Chauffeur Argyle also appears, starring actor De’voreauxh White.

According to Willis: “They have taken it as a motion picture. The script is clever, the production is intense, and the commercial is entertaining. It’s what Die Hard fans expect. I think they will like the mix.”

The caliber and the production of the campaign serve to prepare the autumn campaign before the arrival of winter temperatures, which are fatal for the batteries.

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