Anuncio de Budweiser | Rock is Alive

The Budweiser commercial shows us that Rock is more alive than ever

Anuncio de Budweiser | Rock is Alive

“Rock is alive” is the Budweiser commercial to show us that Rock is more alive than ever.

Rock does not seem to live one of its best moments. The boom of the late 70s, the 80s and 90s gives all the impression that has already passed. Bands no longer sound in the radio formulas, which have turned towards more commercial, electronic and folk music. The old great bands are more interested in performing concerts before they release albums. And we do not blame him, after all they have already done their part of the work.

Are the groups formed since 2000 who are finding it difficult to find their site. The new streaming platforms have marked the passage and with them the appearance of “fast food” music, playlist songs that do not have much more journey.

Well, to commemorate the international day of rock, the beer brand Budweiser has wanted to promote the new groups. And according to Gene Simmons, bassist and vocalist of the band Kiss: “Rock is finally dead. It was murdered” a pessimistic sentence that sums up everything we’ve talked about before.

But to prove him wrong, the Budweiser commercial brings together bands born after 2014. The brand wants to prove to the world that no, Rock has not died. He is more alive than ever.

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