A sophisticated Christmas ad by Burberry

The Burberry Christmas ad is a sophisticated story with British celebrities.

Burberry delighted us in 2016 with a short film where he explained the story of the founder of Burberry to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the brand. Starring Gleeson and Miller, he told us the story of the brand’s first customers.

That commercial was of such quality that it caught the attention of all those who are dedicated to advertising. And now they present their ad for these holidays. A sophisticated advertisement of British taste and very well executed.

Entitled “Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas” Burberry’s Christmas ad ranges from fantastic to real, exquisitely shot.

The commercial stands out from the warm climates to which John Lewis and Saisnbury’s have accustomed us to offer us a more elitist vision of Christmas. Through dynamic camera travels, the photographer Juno Calypso transports us through the everyday elements of these parties. The family table, the local climate and the transport delays are shown with sophistication and glamor.

The ad brings together various British celebrities such as Matt Smith, M.I.A., Kristin Scott Thomas and model Naomi Campbell, who appears with her mother.

Via | Reason Why

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