Marquesinas de Autobús Lego Batman

The original Bus Shelters to promote the ‘Lego Batman’ Movie

Marquesinas de Autobús Lego Batman

To promote the movie ‘Lego Batman’ in Paris, they have converted bus shelters into claw machines.

Every time we are more surprised by the creativity in outdoor advertising. There is always a new promotion that leaves you surprised. It’s the great thing about the versatility of outdoor advertising that allows you to play with its multiple variables, whether advertising billboards, interactive opis or, in this case bus shelters.

And if you put together Lego, Batman and a generous budget for the promotion of the Warner Bros movie, we have some brilliant ideas such as this one.

Warner Bros has carried out an original outdoor advertising action on bus shelters in the streets of Paris. It has transformed three bus stops located in Montparnasse, the Bastille and in Opéray and the them themed with images of the film.

The feature of these bus shelters is that the advertising support is a claw machine so that you can pick up movie dolls buried under Lego blocks.

Publicidad Lego Batman en Marquesinas de Autobús

Marquesinas de Autobús Lego BatmanMarquesinas de Autobús Lego BatmanPromoción Lego Batman en Marquesinas de autobús

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