Unquiet Voices

The original campaign against gender violence: Unquiet Voices

“Unquiet Voices” is a campaign against gender violence that gives voice to women in silent films.

Gender violence is a scourge present in all countries of the world. In Romania, every 30 seconds a woman is a victim of domestic violence. A chilling fact. Despite this scary statistic, very few Romanian women dare to raise their voices to stop men’s feet.

With the idea of putting the focus on this problem. The NGO ANAIS and the agency Cheil Centrade have launched “Unquiet Voices”, a campaign against gender violence. This campaign has been made recovering silent films free of copyright.

In January, hundreds of silent movies became copyright-free. In these films, the mistreatment of women was a constant and now, they have wanted to give them voice recovering and reimagining those silent films. A way to reconvert the films so that they reach the new generations with another discourse.

“Unquiet Voices” is a 40 minute film where the different types of abuses are reflected: psychological, sexual, economic and even the assassination attempt. According to Iona Zamfir, creative director of Cheil Centrade: “The film industry has to promote the right values. The films have had to lose their ‘copyright’ so that the women could recover their own rights. “

The campaign against gender violence was launched through a site where you can make donations. It also happened in cinemas, schools and even museums. The repercussion was such that whole programs were dedicated on television to talk about the campaign.

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