Bear Claws: The brilliant deconstruction of a song on Facebook Live

The academic performs a brilliant deconstruction of “Bears Claws”, his song on Facebook Live through the delay.

We live in a time where video is being the main protagonist in content. Many people have channels with diverse themes with a large number of subscribers. We also have great influencing youtubers for the new generations. And to this, the brands are attentive to be able to connect with an increasingly segmented public.

For this, social networks compete to offer tools to drag the thousands of followers to their web pages. It all started with YouTube, it came in force Twitch with its streamings for video games, then came Periscope to revolutionize live life and Facebook got on the car with Facebook Live. But streaming content is a technology still young and not without its problems.

Canción en Facebook Live "Bear Claws"

But in everything you can choose the two options, or resign yourself or take the problem as an advantage. That’s what The Academic has done, with a brilliant deconstruction exercise of their song on Facebook Live taking advantage of the delay. This delay or delay is the time between what happens while the video is captured and is broadcast by Facebook Live.

The Academic used that delay to create sound loops to make the base of their song “Bear Claws”. And his fans could watch the experiment live on the social network, proving that it was not prerecorded.

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