Anuncio "Decades" de Bradesco Saude

Bradesco Saúde’s “Decades” commercial surprises with its emotionality

Anuncio "Decades" de Bradesco Saude

Bradesco Saúde’s “Decades” commercial ranks as one of the year’s ads for its simplicity and emotion.

The lockdown is coming to an end and the brands change their cause like someone who changes their jackets. The commercials on the #BlackLivesMatter have been postponing the commercials on the Covid19 and thus we are getting closer to normality. But we still get small jewels related to the Coronavirus.

This is the case of the “Decades” ad by Bradesco Saúde. The Brazilian insurer brings us one of the ads of the year thanks to an original idea and a simple staging that gives us goosebumps.

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Different generations dream of becoming what they admire their idols for. So in the 60s everyone wanted to be astronauts, in the 70s footballers, in the 80 racing drivers, in the 90 basketball players, in the 2000 firefighters and in 2010 athletes. Those people whom you have admired and inspired have set a path for you to be someone of profit in the future.

The latest role models and heroes have undoubtedly been healthcare workers, those who have risked their lives every day to fight the Covid19 pandemic . It is no wonder that in a few years we will see a boom in doctors and nurses inspired by today’s heroes.

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