Valla de publicidad de Easy Jet

The original EasyJet advertising billboard that is reflected in the water

Valla de publicidad de Easy Jet

This original EasyJet advertising billboard placed in Bordeaux is reflected in the water.

Normally, airlines usually invest in large outdoor advertising campaigns. A very versatile medium that can reach a large number of people and also allows you to make good creatives. In the telling advertising agency, we have talked a lot about outdoor advertising as well as showing some of the great ideas brands come up with.

Now we have another example in Bordeaux. The second largest city in France is one of the country’s mandatory tourist destinations. “La Place de la Bourse”, its fountains, its fog and of course, its wines are more than enough attractions to visit the city.

It is also one of the airports where EasyJet offers flights to more than 30 destinations, thus offering residents the possibility to escape to any European destination. To promote it they have placed an immense canvas on the “Place de la Bourse” written backwards. The peculiarity of the EasyJet advertising billboard is that it is reflected in the immense 3,000 m2 water mirror directly in front. An original way to place your advertising and encouraged by the brand to be viralized.

Under the hashtag #UpsideTown encourages us to take a photo of the reflection to post it on social networks. The best photo will get a flight for two people to the destination they choose.

Valla de publicidad de Easy Jet

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