Intro de Juego de Tronos con Galletas Oreo

Game of Thrones Title Sequence made with Oreo

This Game of Thrones title sequence made with Oreo it’s a tribute to the last season of the TV Show.

The final season of Game of Thrones is here and everyone is starting to get nervous. We are talking about one of the best series in history (with permission from Lost and Breaking Bad) and brands do not want to lose a single opportunity to reach us.

The creative community has had in Game of Thrones an inexhaustible source of inspiration. We remember the fantastic redesign of the shields of Game of Thrones or that campaign of What would happen if the members of an advertising agency were in Game of Thrones?. At the brand level we have had the true Sky Game of Thrones marathon.

Well, one of the most original proposals has been the one that Oreo has made. They have recreated the intro of Game of Thrones entirely with their cookies and their cream. And how have they done it? Well, nothing less than 2,750 Oreos. The intro of Game of Thrones with Oreo cookies has been made by the same producer that has made the original intro, along with the agency 360i.

To celebrate the premiere of the last season, the brand has made an exclusive packaging, as well as customize the cookies with the shields of the houses of the series, and the silhouette of the King of the Night.

Via | Criatura Creativa

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