Spot de Gatorade con Serena Williams

The motivational Gatorade ad with Serena Williams

Serena Williams stars in the latest Gatorade ad after having her son.

The last Gatorade ad is starring Serena Williams after having her son. And is that the American tennis player surprised everyone with the announcement of his retirement from the world of tennis. The reason was none other than her pregnancy.

This action, unusual in the world of female elite sport, was applauded by all. Serena is the best paid sportswoman in the world and had decided to leave the courts to be a mother.

Gatorade ad with Serena Williams

We all know that Americans like the “returns” of the big stars and so Serena is beginning to amortize her image. The first of all is the Gatorade ad titled “Sisters in Sweat” that encourages girls never to abandon the sport of life.

According to a Gatorade study, many girls give up sports when they reach puberty. This in a much higher number than the boys. Despite the fact that girls who practice sports are “healthier, happier and more successful overall”, that’s how it looks at the end of the ad.

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