Anuncio de Gatorade | Make them Sweat

The spectacular Gatorade commercial: “Make them Sweat”

The Gatorade commercial “Make them Sweat” show us funny scenes of elite football players.

Gatorade is the official drink of UEFA, and so he wanted to demonstrate in his new global campaign. A campaign focused on those sensations that the big stars provoke in their rivals.

“Make them Sweat” is the Gatorade commercial starring Messi and Gabriel Jesus as big claims. At the same time, we also see female and male soccer players who turn to the same concept: “Make them sweat”.

We are not professional players, but it is not difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of those who must face the big stars. The 90-second ad, captures scenes those moments that happen during a game and that make us sweat more than one. Both rivals, coaches, fans, emojis and the whole world feels a chill when he has Messi in front.

According to Emiliano Di Vincenzo, General Manager of Gatorade: “This campaign provides a tone of motivation that is common to all elite athletes: make your opponent sweat”.

The Gatorade commercial, of an impeccable technical invoice, has been created by Ariel Abramovici and Bruno Acanfora, and directed by Aaron Stoller through Biscuit Filmworks.

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